Wednesday, August 20, 2014

No Project...Projects Day

It is project day and woefully, I have nothing to show for this week...or even the last couple of weeks. Once the pool and the fire pit were finished, my energy seemed to kind of die away! Now don't get me wrong, my whole life is a work in progress with nothing but projects and it can get a bit overwhelming. That being said, I have embarked on a new journey and these projects are all a part of it.

So as school has started and the summer heat blares on, there are still a couple of outside projects I would like to complete before cool days and cold nights steal the last of our summer fun. One project I would like to finish in the next week or so, is a deck shower. Since a good deal of my yard is still dirt, keeping it out of the pool is a challenge. I think a PVC deck shower might be the answer to this issue and thanks to Pinterest, I have instructions with pictures and everything. Good thing too because I am more of a visual learner than an instruction reader learner. Yeah....say that five times fast! Also, thanks to Pinterest, I am going to make a PVC water hose holder. It will fit nicely under my deck in the winter months and hold a proud space next to the water spigot in the summer. I figure that even with my limited skills....I can make these projects.

As the summer wears down though, there are going to be plenty of in the house projects to accomplish. David will soon be 14 years old and this year, it is my hope that for his birthday, a complete room re-do will get accomplished. I am still looking towards a Spongebob motif, but time and money may change those plans a bit. At any rate.....David is due for new digs and I would like to make that his one big gift this year. Right now his room is not exactly inviting or stimulating. I plan to change all of that!

Speaking of disaster areas.....we were....right? Another area that needs a redo....or possibly a complete demolition, is my craft room/sewing room/office. It is currently just fondly known as the junk room. It has become the catch all for everything from every other room and for those too lazy to actually put things away. I am naming no names, but you know who you are!!! Currently....I can't even see the floor. I would really like my space back and clutter free. I know that is a lot to ask, but...... That project is to be in the works, sooner than later. Wish me luck on this one!

Another project screaming my name is the therapy room/guest room that has been everything from an extra closet, to a hospital recovery room after Davids surgery. Now, it just holds the junk overrun from the other junk room. It needs to get back to it's serene self with a proper use. Yes, I know I never have guests, but David DOES do therapy! Soon it will be back to it's true self and I will personally flog any person who tries to junk it up again. know who you are!!!!

Finally (for now anyway).....we have my closet. A little fun fact here, my house was built over 50 years ago and apparently in the early 60's, women had a whole lot less clothes and shoes, and therefore needed a whole lot less closet space. Jump ahead to 2014 and we have issues. My closet is packed from top to bottom and side to side. Goodness knows what actually lies at the bottom of said closet. I hear tell there could even be a pair of size 7 jeans. They've obviously been there awhile. Yep, another project that could use some immediate attention.

So you see, the projects abound in Lisaland. It is just a matter of putting my mind to them and accomplishing them. Now maybe, when next Wednesday rolls around, I will actually have something to blog about! ;)

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