Saturday, August 23, 2014

OKC Satanic Black Mass.....The Ultimate Hate Speech

The black mass or satanic mass....just what it is? It is a complete inversion and desecration of the Christian Catholic mass. It is a calling on and worshiping of satan, pure and simple.

The black mass and forms of it, go back to the middle ages when "ceremonies" began by what were considered heretical groups involved in witchcraft and the dark arts. These masses were designed with the purpose of worshiping "the dark lord," better known as satan. The ceremonies or masses consisted of everything from bizarre sexual acts to ritualistic sacrifices. 

Satanist along with other fringe dark arts worshipers remained a hidden element for centuries. Their ceremonies were held in secrecy and their followers were carefully admitted as their acts of satanic worship were both blasphemous to God and Christianity and in many cases illegal. It wasn't until the late 1960's that the satanic underground movement began to pull itself above ground, with the likes of Anton LaVey. In 1966 LaVey founded the Church of Satan and brought satanism and the black mass into the light of day and declared 1966 to be anno satanas- or the first year of the age of satan. From here there were publicly performed satanic marriages as well as his youngest daughter Zeena's first satanic baptism. 

LaVey's desire was to be as anti-Christian as possible with his greatest target being the Catholic church. He wrote the Satanic Bible and wrote essays satanizing main stream Christian writings. His satanic masses became a tantalization to many Hollywood types and money and power brought on many deviant and illegal activities in the name of LaVey and the dark lord.  

A satanic mass is a mockery and a degradation of the traditional Catholic mass. There are altars draped in black, upside down crosses, the drinking of ritualistic blood and the Catholic missal and prayers are reworded to glorify and invite satan. The basis of the satanic mass is to steal consecrated host (the body and blood of Christ used for Catholic Communion) from a Catholic church which is a desecration itself, then they use it in profane acts during the black mass as disrespect to God and Christians of all denominations. Quite frankly, the satanic black mass is the ultimate hate crime toward Christians and most especially......Catholics. 

In recent weeks Christians have been very alarmed because for the second time this year, a public satanic black mass is scheduled to be performed. This time at the Civic Center Music Hall in Oklahoma City, OK. The first time it was scheduled was at the beginning of 2014 in Rochester, NY, however, the outcry against it was so great that it was cancelled. Now, this one is planned for September 21, 2014 and is being put on by Dakhma of Angra Mainyu, the satanic church of  OKC. According to Adam Daniels, a registered sex offender and apparent spokesperson for DAM, the event for September is "a defiant act to show the Catholics that Satanism will stand up and fight for our religious rights." Their first act was to obtain consecrated host to desecrate at the satanic mass. 

On Aug. 20, 2014, Archbishop Paul Coakley of the Catholic Diocese of OKC , filed a lawsuit against the organizers of the black mass stating that the consecrated host that DAM obtained were church property and demanded they be returned to the church. Daniels was named as a defendant in the lawsuit as he told various media outlets that a friend had mailed him the consecrated Host and that it would be desecrated during the ritual by being "stomped on." Since the lawsuit was filed, the Host has supposedly been returned to the archbishop and the lawsuit has been dropped. Daniels has continued to cry out, that the ritual will go on. 

Okay, here is my question. In a world where "hate speech" and "hate acts" supersede the First Amendment and are now viewed as illegal and can carry jail time, how is this ritual allowed to go on? It is bold hate against Christians of all denominations and most especially to Catholics. We live in a world where eating a ham sandwich in front of a mosque is considered an act of hate, but this ritual in OKC is acceptable? How is this possible? Christians are crying out all over the country but shouldn't EVERYONE be just as appalled that such blatant hate towards any group is being allowed at all, let alone publicly? 

The acts and the desire of DAM are open and obvious. They make no bones about their end game and it has nothing to do with religious freedom. It is all about giving the middle finger to Catholics and all other Christian religions, but most especially to God. Have we been so busy kicking God out of our schools, our public places and our lives that we are good with letting satan in? A separation of Church and State in the original terms of our Founding Fathers, I understand, but in their terminology....God was not to be forsaken. On the contrary, our country was founded so that God could be worshiped by Protestants and Catholics alike in the way each chose. The separation was to insure that regardless of the religious beliefs of those in office (Catholic or Protestant), that the rules and the laws would not favor one over the other. However, regardless of religious preference, satan was viewed evil and he was given no voice, let alone a public platform to be worshiped on. I am sure our FF are rolling in their graves at the mockery we have made of their hard work and the God they fought to be able to worship. 

If you can't tell, as both a Catholic and a Christian, I find this gratification of evil not only blasphemous and horrific, but also sinful on the part of Christians, Jews and anyone who worships God but idly stands back and allows it to happen without a fight. The world is becoming more and more evil because good men don't speak up and speak out and are letting themselves be bulldozed and bullied by entities such as DAM and people such as Daniels. This satanic black mass is "hate speech" to end all "hate speech" and if you truly are a fair and unbiased American, then regardless of your religious MUST take a stand. If this was directed at blacks, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton would be plastered all over our TV's. If this was against the gay and lesbian community, GLAAD and every celebrity known to man would be publicly speaking out against it and if it was directed at the Muslim community, DAM would be run out of town tarred and feathered while being chastised for their intolerance of the Muslim faith. But no....this is directed at where is our support? Where is the celebrity outrage and the chastisement for intolerance? (crickets?)

Perhaps since we have no high profile support, we will do what Christians have done since Jesus said, "Upon this rock I will build my church," we stand up and fight for our right to worship God and to keep satan where he hell. If you want your voice to be heard and you want this ultimate act of "hate speech" squelched, then here are the numbers that you can call and let your voice be heard. Don't let satan get this public attention and don't let DAM get the last laugh. Here are the numbers that you can call: Mayor and City Manger of OKC 405-297-2424 and Civic Center Music Hall where mass is to be held 405-297-2584Please let your voice be heard.

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Farmer John said...

"The world is becoming more and more evil because good men don't speak up and speak out and are letting themselves be bulldozed and bullied by entities such as DAM and people such as Daniels." I say AMEN! If we continue to stand by and do nothing, we are part of the problem, not part of the solution.