Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Twerking After 50 and the Rooms twerking after 50 is not a good idea! Truthfully, twerking at any age is not pretty, but after 50 it just becomes physically dangerous. Yes, I am speaking first hand. You have to know that alcohol was involved, along with hanging out with some really bad influences (other 50 year olds from my graduating class of #@ years ago). I am just thankful that everyone was too busy doing their own version of twerking to take pictures. Ain't nobody wants to see any of that!!!! 

Since that display of really bad judgment, I have been a miserable human being. Everything from my waist to my toenails sends out periodic waves of discomfort and sometimes full on pain. I have had to ice my knees and ankles like I just ran a marathon. Even the bottoms of my feet hurt and I have been walking like I am 90 years old and need a walker. To say that I have been moving slow is an understatement BUT, I have been accomplishing things.....slowly.....very slowly. This brings me to today's actual topic........projects!

Two rooms in my house were the bane of my existence. David's therapy room/guest bedroom and my crafting room/office. Both were catch-alls for the excess junk that accumulated in the rest of the house. It seems throwing stuff in those rooms was much easier than actually putting things away. I kept their doors shut because they depressed me so, and quite frankly they were embarrassing. Even my house broken dogs hated those two rooms and showed it by frequent acts of disrespect and self expression on their respective floors. I was so over those rooms! Even in my post twerking condition, I knew they must be done.

It took me two days and a whole lot of aspirin, ice packs and a couple of nights of sleeping with the heating pad, but I accomplished my goal and cleaned both rooms. Who knew they actually had floors? Oh yeah....the dogs knew! Now David's therapy room/guest room is 98% finished. There are still a couple of places on the walls that need to be touched up as his hospital bed did a number on them and I need to find a really good rug to cover the less than stellar floors, but other than that......I am pretty pleased with the outcome.

The craft room/office is about 80% done. Everything has a place and it is clean, neat and accessible but, the walls need painted and the floor needs immediate help. When we pulled up carpet several years ago, those two rooms were in the worst shape floor wise. I am thinking about possibly painting the floor in the craft room and see how it turns out. At any rate though, these projects have made my main floor living space a whole lot nicer and the dogs have been threatened with their lives if they even think of expressing themselves in either room.

So I am pretty proud of my rooms now and I am proud of working through the pain. I am however, not so proud of what I did to cause the pain. So let that be a lesson to you all. Twerking and alcohol just don't mix after 50!


Anonymous said...

This made me laugh. Thanks for a great start to my day!

MarniJ said...

Im laughing at this write because I was one of those dancing with you!!!! But alas...I am NOT in the 50 club yet. LOL!! It was fun but I did pay a bit afterwards.
Glad to hear you are getting those rooms back to normal!!!!!