Monday, September 8, 2014

Cat's, Crime and Some Other Weird Stuff

So as I was sitting here thinking about all the things that I  currently like and don't like. Once again, I was at an impasse on what to blog about. I am not really overly passionate one way or another about anything today, so........ you guessed it, another like/dislike/hate and maybe more, blog. Sorry! This is what happens when my keel is evened out!

I have learned, much to my surprise, that dare I say....I like cats. not mention this to anyone in my house. It would totally ruin my street cred as a bad ass and it might put the idea into someones head that our current cat needs a friend. Sorry kids....I'm a one cat woman. Others need not apply.

I really dislike having to be super careful about locking my doors. I can barely remember to shut them, so locking them is on a whole other level of things I forget to do. Yes....I do realize it is 2014 and no one is exempt from crime, but come on! I basically live in Mayberry. Apparently though, Mayberry has developed a bit of a seedier side since the days when Barney Fife carried a gun without ammo and Otis the drunk, was the only criminal element around. Yes, it's crap! Time to lock the doors and arm the sling shots. You dog hating cat burglars, I'm putting you on you just go ahead and make my day! after much thought, I have decided that I am okay with long as it doesn't require me to do anything to achieve it. When I actually have to work for that change.....I'm really not much of a fan. So yes, I will change, but no, I won't like it! Happy Marni?!

I love our current warm...not hot, end of summer days and our beautifully cool evenings. It makes for fantastic times around the fire pit drinking and eating s'mores. No! This is not an addiction! I can quit anytime! Honest I can! Sigh....thus the need for the above change! Blah blah blah

I hate the predictions for above average cold and snowfall this year. I hate winter and except for the first snowfall.....I hate snow. I do like fires, s'mores and alcohol, however, it is hard to have that in the middle of snow....and change. But I digress......

I love Diet Mt. Dew!!! It is like an old friend wrapping me in mellow warmth and telling me I just won the lottery. Tis' true. I love the diet Dew just that much. Sadly, after tonight....the Dew and I are once again parting ways. Perhaps this time.....for good! It is with tears in my eyes and great sadness in my heart, that I write this. Others tell me it is for the best. They are dead to me. That being said, I am breaking all ties with diet Dew and hope that in the future, if it sees me in the will simply turn the other way as I walk by. Sniffle...snort.....sigh!

I hate that this is the last/final/never to be seen again season of Sons of Anarchy. I hate to admit it, but it truly is one of my guilty pleasures. I have so few. I think it gets me in touch with my inner biker chick. You know the one. The cute biker chick  with the cool dew rag, beautiful long braided hair and tight little leather jacket, delicately adorning the back of some ruggedly handsome bikers bike. What?'re right. I'm not the Jema....kick your ass, don't cross my ass, I will kill your ass type. On second thought, maybe I should just have my inner biker chick put down. She wasn't doing me much good anyway.

I love the fact that tomorrow night, Sons of Anarchy is back on. Yes, it is a bittersweet love, but love none the less. I also love me some Jax! Yes, I am old enough to be his mother! Don't judge me! Also....don't call or text me between 9 and 10. 'Nuf said!

So there you have likes/dislikes and some other weird stuff, on this glorious Monday morning. Now...aren't you glad you came along for the read?

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