Friday, July 31, 2015


So, I have been torn of late being on Facebook. It is truly hard to scroll through the comments and feel as if the world as I once knew it, has been pulled from under my feet. I question, "Is it me who has suddenly lost my way, or is it the world?" It brings to mind many questions that I thought I used to know the answer to, but now I am not so sure. What used to be yes or no, right or wrong or a definite "this" over "that," now all seems muddled in political correctness and what people "want" over riding what is actually "right."

As an adult with some years without political correctness, social media, the race card or the "Me Generation" influencing my every movement, thought and every waking hour, I think I have the ability to see how skewed and upside down this world has become. However, for those who were born with a cellphone in their hand and social media giving them their opinions, they have nothing to compare the atrocities of today to, therefore....what I find appalling, they simply view as their status quo. It scares me, and not just a little bit.

This generation has the ability to have knowledge in the palm of their hand and at the click of a button, but they have no ability to think. We have become a mob mentality society and we have lost our common sense. We are appalled to the point of ruining someones life for killing a lion in Africa, but we have no issue with human babies being aborted up to the 9th month right here in the United States and their organs being sold for money. Why?

It is okay to say that black lives matter, but it is disrespectful and racist to say that white lives matter too. Why?

You are a homophobe and practically black balled if you post a Straight Pride photo on your Facebook page, but applauded and held in high esteem if you wave a rainbow flag. Why?

Christianity and Christians are losing their rights and in many cases being persecuted for their beliefs. Clergy are being told what they can say and how they can say it so as not to "offend" others. Yet, satanists, Muslims and atheists are not held to these standards. Why?

A black person kills a white person(s) and it is pretty much business as usual. However, a white person kills a black person and the media is all over it. Black leaders band together and black communities begin to riot and tear up everything in their view. Why?

We spank/discipline our children and we risk SRS involvement and losing our kids, and yet true child abuse victims run through the system over and over and ultimately are returned to their abusive situations until they finally end up dead. Why?

When did it become okay to disgrace, defile and destroy the American flag? What's more, it is acceptable to put pictures of such behavior on social media. Why?

The examples go on and on but the question remains the same. Why?

Why are people no longer treated equally regardless of race, creed, color or sex? Why do we seem to value animal life above human life? Why is it wrong for a person to work hard and take care of their family, but okay for those who can work but don't, to live off the government at tax payers expense? Why is it okay to ignore the Constitution, our soldiers and our Vets, but okay to take care of those living illegally in our country? Why is it okay to openly worship Allah, satan or bash Christians, but God's name is found to be offensive? Again I ask why?

Since I have laid out the why's, I will end this by asking two more questions and leave the answers up to you. are we going to fix this? And....when are we going to say.....enough is enough?

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