Monday, March 14, 2011

Birthday's and Change on Day 24

It is cold out....and we are expecting snow showers. This is not the spring I was hoping for. The upside is that we are close enough to spring that today's weather is just a speed bump on our road to spring.....and by tomorrow or the very latest....Wednesday, we will be back up in the 70's. Ahhhhh.....sweet warmth!

Today is March 14th. This is my brothers birthday. He is 42 today...which is amazing since I am only 28 and I am the older of the two of us. Hmmm...only in Lisaland could such an occurrence occur. I will wish him a wonderful birthday full of nothing but joy and happiness, but he doesn't read my blog. In fact, like most of the world, he doesn't even know that it I guess I will have to resort to communication number 2 and just call him. At any rate....Happy Birthday Andy! 

Today is also special for another reason. On this day, 28 years beautiful daughter Mary was born. The story of Little Mary (we called her Little Mary) is a long one and still one that after all these years causes my heart to hurt. One day, maybe I will be strong enough to tell you all her story. But for would have been her 28th birthday. Sadly when she was six weeks old, she died of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.) In her short six weeks she had touched many lives and with her death she left much sadness and my heart broken. Little Mary has been my special angel for many years now and to her I say.....Happy Birthday my little one.....until we meet again!

One week is all that is left until spring break. I am hoping between now and then that the temperatures start acting really spring-like so that the kids and I can have some fun. I plan on taking several days off and am hoping we can either hit museums in the area or take a couple of short day trips to some nearby attractions. I am just ready to get my spring on and spend some time with my kids!

As you can probably tell...I am in Monday mode and a little melancholy to boot.  This too shall pass I am sure. The weekend was productive and today, despite the weather, everyone seems happy, healthy and ready to get this week started (present company excluded). I do however have every faith that once I have worked out.....both my mental attitude and my physical self will improve. At least that is what I am hoping for. Until then though, this is the best I got. meh is that time again. It is time for the 30 Day Challenge. Can you believe it has been 24 days? Six more days and I am done. Whatever will I write about then? 

Day 24 - A picture of something you wish you could change.

As I am writing this, I have no idea what I am writing about (I usually know in advance...but not today). Something I wish I could change? Some of these questions in this challenge are so similar that it is hard not to be repetitive. There are many things on the surface which I wish I could change, but then that goes against my motto in life: Everything happens for a reason! If we go around trying to change the past, it would throw things out of balance. Are we talking about changing the past here? I am not sure, but here goes anyway.......

I really wish that I could change cancer. I wish that they would come up with a cure and no one else ever had to die from it. And if no one else ever had to die from it...then no one else would ever have to watch someone die from it. No one would have to watch someone suffer through chemo/radiation. No one would have to lose their hair or be sick because the treatment was almost as hard on them as the disease itself. No one would have to wonder if this was their last Christmas, Birthday or celebration of any kind because of this disease.....and no one would have to bury someone they loved because they fought and lost to this disease. Yes.....I think if I could change something....I mean REALLY change something....It would be to find a cure for cancer.

I would also like to change peoples attitudes. I would like to see an end to all forms of bullying, hate, rape, murder, incest, starvation, war, prejudice and natural disasters. I would like them to find a cure for all disease and make it so that no one ever has to watch someone they love little by little waste away either mentally or physically, until the person they once longer exists. (For someone that doesn't have a lot of faith in change....I certainly seem to be on a roll!)

And on a personal note, I would like to change my crows feet, cellulite, bad eyes and nasty temper. I would like to change the fact that the money never stretches far enough and that if my washing machine goes out, that within the week my stove and central air unit will also go out. I would like to change the fact that David can't walk and be able to watch him run and play in the yard. I want to change his seizures and see that he never has another one. I want to change the fact that Z had to watch his daddy die and has had to be strong beyond his years ever since. I want my husband, my mother and my daughter back. I want to change the hands of time......or do I?

Everything does happen for a reason.....and in everything their is purpose. The past cannot be changed but perhaps the future can, but for now....the only thing I really wish I could change less than stellar, Monday morning mood! (See....I told you I had no idea where I was going with this....Happy Monday!)

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