Friday, March 18, 2011

Blogs, Fears and No Money on Day 28

My long awaited Friday is here....and upon checking my bank balance, not a farthing was added. You can't see me, but I am in full pout face right now, yet no bad words have departed my lips. I will not give the IRS that kind of control over me. Disappointed? Yes, but as I said yesterday (I think it was yesterday)....I am no worse off than before I filed, I had just had a few dreams of paying off long owed debt. Ah goes on. It is still Friday and the IRS can't take that away....can they????

So sometimes as I write, I do wonder if anybody is reading. I have to admit, the writer in me wants to think the world lives to read and comment on my blogs and is hanging on my every written word. The realist in me though, knows I am just full of it. However, every once in a while someone will come up to me or leave me an email or wonder of all wonders.......leave a comment and let me know that they do in fact read my blog and get some amount of entertainment value from it. But with the good also comes the negative. Well, maybe not exactly negative.....but let us just say the reality that not everyone appreciates my abundant thoughts on life and aren't totally captivated by my exciting day to day activities is made clear. Who knew there were people who didn't find my life fabulous and fascinating? Yes....this is all going somewhere. Anyway my chat on fb was open for all of about five seconds last night when one of my newer friends asked me why I blogged. I said...."for my sanity!" The she asked me....."But why three blogs? Just how sane do you have to be?"  Funny girl right? And rest assured....I told her as she spoke she was giving me further blog fodder. She was warned. So for my multitude of readers who may be wondering the same thing (that's right you two know who you are), here is why I have three blogs.

This blog, From Beginning to End and Back Again, was my first blog. I started this several years ago after blogging/writing pieces on several message board pages. I then moved to MySpace but really didn't like their layout. Then I found out about blogger and learned they were duh....a dedicated blog site. I loved it. Blogger and I have had a off and on relationship for awhile but it has not been until this year that we have been together full time. From about day to day stuff. It is a mish mash of whatever is going on in my life, whatever I am thinking, or just whatever I want to throw out there and get peoples attention with. I touch on a little bit of everything. It is my main blog if you will.

My next blog, Life with the Incredible Mr. David, here was started one.....because David's issues can often be overwhelming to me and I needed a place to put my thoughts and two, because people always asked me about David and his story. This blog sort of killed two birds with one stone giving me a place to both vent and tell his story. I don't have as many blog entries on this one as I do on my other two, but David's blog to me, is more about quality than quantity.

Finally I started TMI (Too Much Information About Weight Watchers, My Life and ME!) here because God knows I love to talk about....ME! Actually I started it when I got serious about losing weight and making life style changes. I knew that it was a subject that many people were struggling with (lifestyle change....not me) and that knowing someone else was struggling too might help. This blog is my take on everything from eating and exercise to feeling pretty.

So you see, yes....I have three blogs and yes I need them all. They are the only thing standing between me and my running through the streets naked with my hair on fire. And with that can see that not only are these blogs cathartic....they are obviously also a public service, cause no one wants to see that whole running through the streets naked thing. And after I explained all of this to new friend, (but not in near as many words)....she LOL(remember we were conversing in fb chat) when she realized that today's blog would have mention of her. She also seemed to sort of understand that my blogs were a need for both my sanity and my ego. Of course....she still thinks having three blogs is kind of funny....guess I am just a funny kind of gal! Oh....and by the way(here comes the gratuitous self promotion) can all (yeah....both of know who you are) feel free to follow my blogs (there is a follow button on all of them) as well as leave comments so I know you were there. I did mention that there is ego involved in these blogs too...right???

On guessed it.....The 30 Day Challenge.

Day 28 - A picture of something you're afraid of.

What is the saying...."There is nothing to fear but fear itself?" (I think that is a saying?) There is also the "I only fear death and taxes!" Well death is inevitable as none of us gets out alive so why fear it? As far as taxes real fear there. I however do have a certain amount of uncomfortable anxiety where the IRS is concerned. They are just NOT nice people. I think though if we are talking real, make you shake in your boots kind of fear....I would have to say I only have a few true fears. My first one is snakes.  I hate snakes with a passion and while I have killed several in my life time.....they still make my skin crawl. I think it is their sinister little beady eyes that just creeps me out beyond measure. I just want to go ewwwww.....thinking about them.  

 The other thing that causes me anxiety, verging on fear is all things wasp! I don't care if they are bumble bees, yellow jackets, hornets or wasps.....I run! And we aren't talking just a casual jog....we are talking a full tilt dash to the nearest place of safety. And yes I know....running will cause them to chase me. Let 'em. They have never caught me yet!!!!!

The final thing that truly does just scare me beyond all means is heights. I hate heights. I can get physically sick just thinking about being up some place high. I have been to both Pikes Peak and Estes Park in CO. Both places terrified me. That is probably why I like living in KS. The highest peak around here is the ant hill in my front yard. I have issues being more than a few feet off the ground and have literally almost fainted before, when climbing a ladder to paint the side of my house. Tim was less than you might imagine.

So there you have it folks. Here are the irrational....yet none the less terrifying fears I  have! Like you don't have your own!


Thiry said...

I read when I have free time...thank god you have a way to get it all out huh....

Anonymous said...

I read everything you post... You are a very talented writer and I love to hear what you have to say... I look forward to your daily posts and normally laugh with you everyday..