Thursday, March 31, 2011

Choices, Guns and Chairs

Wednesday was survived, so I say....bring on Thursday (gently though).  I was up at the ungodly hour of 5 a.m. so I am sure by noon I am going to be oh so much fun to be around. Today is my early day at work, so I won't be working out, a fact which I am sure my knees will appreciate, although I don't think they are really hurting today. Of course I am not fully we can't be sure of this fact just yet.

The rest of my week is pretty much planned and on auto-pilot. Today is work and then making cheesecakes tonight. Tomorrow is delivering cheesecakes, work again and then coming home to a house full of teenage boys for the night. Just what I was thinking when I okayed this is beyond me. Then Saturday, after I clear the house out of boys.....I will be teaching my creative writing/blogging classes at BCCC's free university day, then the grocery store.....and then it will be time to start preparing for next week. There will be no weekend this weekend.....just several busy days run together. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

The one bright spot....if you can call it that the weather is suppose to be in the upper 60's and 70's between now and Sunday. However, Sunday it is suppose to be in the upper 80's with storms. Sounds like spring may just possibly be kicking in here in KS. Maybe Sunday I will be able to enjoy a little thunder and lightening.....and who knows....maybe even a little relaxation?!

I have to say that although Z can drive me to distraction sometimes....many times....okay often.....there are those times when he just flat out makes me proud! Last night was one of those nights. Already he is learning the tough lessons about having to make choices and sacrificing for his craft (his craft being acting!) For those of you who might have forgotten, or for those of you just tuning in......Z started high school this year....and with high school came high school plays. Since Z's world is all about acting and singing.....the theater and music depts at MHS have been a perfect fit for him. In Z's high school career, there will be 8 major plays (4 of which are musicals) that he is eligible to be in along with 4 dinner theaters. So far he has been in the fall musical, the dinner theater and he has now been cast in a minor roll in the spring play. His be in all the plays he is eligible for through out his high school years. He is on his way to doing just that. Anyway....several weeks ago, Z found out that several of his favorite bands (Avenged Sevenfold, Three Days Grace and Bullet for My Valentine) were coming to Wichita. After finding someone I trusted him to go with and him having to use his own money to purchase the ticket ($42.50) Z was looking forward to attending his first concert. Then it happened. The play schedules were given out and Z realized that his concert fell directly on one of the nights of the play. Z and several other cast members who also had tickets for the concert went to the director and were basically told to choose....either the play or the concert, but you can't do both. Z was crushed as he was so looking forward to this concert.....his first concert, but he also knew that if he chose the concert over the play....then not only would he be letting the cast down....but he would also be ruining chances for future plays. So he chose! The play won. He chose his craft over all else. I was really pretty proud of him and his ability to realize that he had committed to the play so his loyalty should be and ultimately was to the play. That showed me that he has matured in some big ways. Funny how our kids do that....grow up and mature when we aren't looking.

I assured Z that there would be other concerts and now.....because of his decision....there will also be other musicals and plays that he will get to be a part of. It was a tough decision for Z.....but I think it is a decision that in the end, he can live with and he knows is right. So....anyone out there looking for a ticket to Avenged Sevenfold? 

Ahhh....choices and life lessons! You gotta love getting older and having to pick between that which you really want to do and that which you really should do. Not always do we choose wisely, but to see Z making such a decision at 15 and seeing that he has learned that it is not always about what we want in life.....kind of makes me proud and lets me know that maybe along the way, I have taught him some fairly lasting and important life lessons! You go Z.....Mama is proud today.

Oh.....and if your looking around your house thinking to yourself.....I just really don't have enough pistols or shotguns and I would really like to have Dish Network TV, then perhaps you might consider a move to Hamilton, Montana! That's right, cause if you are in the market for satellite viewing AND adding to your arsenal, then the Hamilton Radio Shack has just what you are looking for. With every Dish Network Package signed up get yourself either a spanking new pistol or a dandy new shotgun FREE! What could be better than dish tv and target the same time? And  for those of you who prefer DIRECT TV.....fear not. So as not to be left out.....soon DIRECT TV in the Hamilton area will be offering the same sweet deal. Not wanting to discriminate against anyone.....if on the outside chance you are a Hamilton resident who is not packing.....then you can have a $50 Pizza Hut gift certificate instead! Bet Pizza Hut doesn't lose a dime on this one!

Your Photo Here............(Day 10)

The blogging chair!

This where the magic happens. Okay...maybe not so much magic and more so....incessant daily blogging. You say tomato....I say tomato! At any rate, this chair is where I spend the first hour of my day.....everyday.....blogging.

The history of this chair is that I found it at a garage sale for $20. In it's day it was rather fancy with the massaging back and cup/tv remote holder in the arm. By the time I purchased it, the massage mechanism was long gone and the arm holder while still intact.....likes to fall randomly open due to years of tv remote extraction. Still though....I love this chair.

It is one of the few pieces of furniture in my house that has not been taken over by the kids or claimed by the dogs. It is mine all mine! Funny though.....I have had this chair well over a year and not until I started blogging daily.....did I start using it. Until then it had pretty much just sat case I might someday need it. That day finally came. And since I have started using has also become nice to occasionally watch tv in and David (in rare moments) likes to come in  and let me rock him in it.

So before the sun rises....if you want to know what I am doing and where I am doing it at (and who are you know you do) can be assured that I am my blogging chair!

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Melissa said...

LMAO!!! Ha ha ha ha ha - that radio shack gun thing is hilarious!!! Love it. I like your blogging chair too - I need to do something like that. I have a goal to post consistently but do not have any routine set up for it. Good idea!