Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 12, 5 kids, Irritation and Ear Infection....Oh My!

We are doing it again!!!! Well....guess I should actually say...."he's doing it again!!!" He as in Zachary. The ear infection thing seems to be a recurring factor in his life. Last night one was draining and believe it or not....we were praying for a rupture, just so he could have some peace. He can't hear well, he is in pain, and all sounds (including music) are distorted and unpleasant. I am almost afraid that we are going to be looking at tubes again. Grrrrr

I do not have a sunny disposition today. I am gritchy and irritable and less than fun to be around. I am hoping that my morning workout takes the edge off. That is if I am allowed to go. If the drs. office says they want to see Zachary at that time....then there goes my workout window for the day....and then....look out world. It ain't going to be pretty! Lets hope for everyone's sake....they want to see him later in the day. (I called them....and later in the day it is! Thank goodness for everyone involved!)

It is days like this when my attitude is anything but chipper that my desire to lash out at all that I feel is not right in the blogosphere rears its ugly head. I get an unquenchable desire to speak out politically, morally and plain ol' just angrily. I want to say things like "there should never be a sitting president where people in the country have questions about his true citizenship," or "abortion is never the answer. When one human has to die for another human's choice....then something is very wrong. As American's we should be wanting more for our country than the atrocity of abortion!" And then there is the shout out to teachers.....whom I have great respect for (at least most of them), BUT when money becomes more important than the kids and you feel the right way is to walk out on said kids in the middle of a school year.....then perhaps the teaching profession is not for you. And finally....just a quick word to all you senators who left WI rather than stand up to the union. You should be ashamed of yourselves and you disgrace the office to which you were elected. You should all be fired or let go of your positions as senators as dishonorably as you proceeded to do your job. You have shown this country and those who elected you.....that when the chips are down....the only thing you are good for is tucking your tail and running. Apparently the true colors of these senators is....YELLOW!

Whew! Do I feel better after my little out burst? Not especially.....but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do....even if others don't agree. And I would hope that those who do not agree with what I have to say.....would still defend my right to say it with all that they hold dear!

Okay....onto the business of the day. The 30 Day Challenge!

Day 12 - A picture of something you love.

Of all of the challenges...this was the easiest. But of course....there is not just one picture....but several. What I love the most is my kids. My kids are the best! They are not perfect and each of them in their own way has given me many a sleepless night for various reasons. They have made me laugh and brought me to tears. They have each been amazing in their own way and I have learned far more from each of them...than I am sure I have ever taught.

First there is my beautiful Tiffany. While she is not a daughter from my body....she is definitely a daughter from my heart. She is smart and funny and very much her fathers daughter. At the same time she can be fragile and vulnerable and just make you want to hold and protect her. Many is the time she has made me laugh with her quick Elam wit. And just as often she has made me proud with the way she faces life's challenges head on and never backs down. When her father died, her presence helped to center me as she held her baby brother for dear life....showing me that she would always be the sister her siblings needed. Tiffany is the daughter I always dreamed of having and more. She is truly a child of my heart.

Sean is the next in line and also a child not of my body but definitely of my heart. Sean has his fathers onriness and also his ability to charm. Sean had my heart the moment I laid eyes on him. While he has had moments of making me pull my hair out and has done his fair share of picking up cigarette butts in the yard, street and neighboring park (Tim's favorite punishment), he has always had a good heart. Now a days....that heart belongs to two of the most beautiful little girls you have ever seen. Sadie and Zoey are Sean's twin daughters and you will scarcely find a picture of him that these little ladies are not included in. He is the father that would make his own father very proud.

Next is Wesley. When he was born....I never thought I wanted more kids....because I never thought I could love another child as much as I loved him. Wesley was born with a fire in him that has never been quenched. That said fire has driven him in good directions.....and in not so good directions. He was often Sean's partner in crime and partner in punishment (picking up cigarette butts right beside him!) Wesley has a kind heart and gentleness inside him that few have ever seen...but I have....and it is that side of him that has brought me much joy over the years. Wesley struggles more than the rest but occasionally I get to see the Wesley who makes me laughs and who made me think that it would be impossible to ever love another child as much as I loved him.

Finally there are Zachary and David. I know that you have heard literally tons about these two already. Since we co-habitate the same residence....they have been fodder for many a blog....and each has had his own little story. Zachary is my artist. He is creative, handsome, fun and smart. He is my right hand man and my child most likely to make it on American Idol. He is truly his fathers son.

David is my miracle. He is the child we thought we would never bring home and the child we held a vigil over for months. He is the one who has survived the odds over and over again.....and always comes out on top. I have learned far more from David from things he can do....rather than from the things they say he can't. His smile never fails to brighten my day and his drive to keep going....even through seizures, braces, learning disabilities and an inability to speak....keeps me forever awe struck at this amazing child.

So these are pictures of what I love. These five kids hold my heart and define the word love in my life! I am definitely a very lucky lady!

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