Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 26 Filled with More Meds, Days Off and the Boys whiny as I was yesterday, the day ended without much excitement. We all went to work and school and there were no remarkable incidents. The dr. finally called yesterday and we found out that one of David's med levels was pretty we upped that and hopefully this will do the trick for awhile.

I won't be going to the gym today as I have to leave work way early today to take David to see the neurologist. This hasn't been my best workout week and I think the negative results are evident both emotionally and physically. I have learned that when David is having his seizure issues my stress level sky-rockets. This is when I need to workout the most, just for my sanity. But being able to do it while he is going through these is really difficult for me. Last spring and summer I was working out like crazy and was making great progress, but then David started having multiple daily seizures. It seemed like every time I tried to walk out the door to go workout....I would get called home because of seizures. I finally just gave up. I think mentally I started connecting his seizures with my workouts. After we got them under control though.....I had no excuses for not working out. I just didn't. Now that I am again, I just have to workout through and around his seizures. I refuse to let anything stop me this time and I know it will help us both in the long run.

And yes....there is a neurology appt. today. Then I have two more days this week and two days next week and then I have five whole days off. I can't wait. I am thinking maybe the kids and I are going to go somewhere. With David doing the seizure thing I don't want to go very far, but maybe a day trip somewhere. Last year we went on a day trip to Pilsen, KS. Pilsen is where Father Emil Kaupan was born. It was a wonderful day trip and Zachary loved it. David was just along for the ride, but he did very well. The spring break before last, the boys and I hit a bunch of Wichita museums and the zoo. I will just have to come up with something fun and relaxing for all of us. I am just hoping the weather cooperates. I REALLY need these days off.

I think we have had a break through on my potty mouth. Yesterday I only had to put a fraction of the money in the jar that I have had to in the past week. I am now very aware of the words that are coming out of my mouth. Yesterday on fb a friend suggested I get creative with my words and find less offensive versions of my current vocabulary. Well....I apparently was way ahead of him. Over the weekend the F-word started to fly from my lips. I have no idea how that word has creeped into my vocabulary over the years (cough...cough..Thiry..cough...cough) but it has and I am bad. I was started to fly out and my brain was engaged enough that instead "flippin' monkeys ear" came out. Now I have no idea where flippin' monkeys ear came from but the look on the ladies face at Wal-mart when it came flying out was priceless.  Obviously I am starting to turn my potty mouth around and some of the replacement words I am using are getting me strange looks and giggles, but if it keeps me from having to single handedly  feed a third world country.....then let them look and laugh all they want.

Well it is 30 Day Challenge time. Only 4 days left after today!

Day 26 - A picture of something that means a lot to you.

Today was easy and probably won't be long or drawn out. What means the most to me? My boys! Well of course all my kids mean the most to me, but the two youngest are my world. I am responsible for helping them to grow and to become the best people they can be......and they simply make my world go round.

I know I have written volumes about both of these kids and in the future you will probably get to read volumes more, but the bottom line is.....I am the luckiest mom I know. I am truly blessed with the young men that reside in my house and life simply would not be complete without them. I would say means a lot to me is an understatement when it comes to these boys.

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