Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 27, St. Patties Day and the IRS

Happy St. Pattie's Day!!!! Yep. that's right. It means today we wear green and we are over half way through March. Can you believe it? What is even better is that it is not even 6:00 a.m. and it is over 60 degrees out. I am hoping for a really happy, sunny, Irish lovin' kind of day!

David went to the neurologist yesterday and with the juggling of his meds yet again, hopefully we have a concoction that works for awhile. I say awhile, because when David takes another growth spurt, or has a hormone surge, or if he gets sick.....then the seizures will start again and we will have to start juggling again. Bottom line, this will be our life until the day he grows out of the seizures. Lets hope that day is just around the corner!

I mentioned a while back that an old friend of mine was doing my taxes this year. I really fought the idea because according to H&R Block and the IRS, with the amount of money I make yearly, I don't have to file. When I told my friend could tell it caused him visible heart palpitations and he explained that just because I don't have to file, doesn't mean I shouldn't because with my kids and a few other things, I might actually be getting money back. I was still skeptical because of my past run ins with the IRS. I do NOT trust them at all. Kinder and gentler, my Aunt Frannies Fanny! (Wow...I can even talk about the IRS and not say a naughty word! Amazing!) In the past, the IRS has come after me with both barrels a couple of times; one was legitimate from mine and Tim's early years and the second was not legitimate but it took an act of Congress to get them to realize that. When you find out they have gone into your checking account and taken all available funds, therefore causing over $1,000 in overdraft charges and bad check tend to be a bit leery. Anyway.....where was I going with all this? Oh yeah, so he finally talked me into letting him just look at my taxes. After looking he found that if I filed, I would be getting back a little bit. He then went back and looked at the last two years also. Again....there was money that I would be getting back. Finally I relented and we sent it all in. Now I am waiting. According to, I should be receiving my federal refund in my account tomorrow....if I don't owe anything. I am scared. What if they decide I owe something? I know I will be no worse off than before I filed (and yes....I remember that I didn't even want to file) but that money could sure help out right now. I hate praying for material things like money....but darned if I haven't prayed recently that that money shows up in my account and soon! You've heard the saying "Momma needs a new pair of shoes"......well Momma would LOVE a new pair of shoes, but Momma NEEDS to pay off medical bills and get out of debt and this money would go a long way in helping that. So Mr. Leprechaun....if you are out and about today, please feel free to leave my pot of gold (courtesy of the IRS) on my front step and a glorious day it be for us all (she said in her best Irish lilt).

It's that time of day again. The 30 Day Challenge is upon us.

Day 27 - A picture of yourself and a family member.

Again....this one should be fairly short. There are really not a lot of pictures of me out there floating around. I have just never liked having my picture taken. The ones I do have....again there is no scanner to bring them to blog-life.  Someone a while back told me that I better get to having my picture taken or years from now, my kids won't have anything to remember me by. still didn't make me want to start snapping pictures of myself every time I giggled or sneezed, but I have been trying to do better. I guess it would be bad for my kids and grand kids to be telling my great grand kids about me....and them not believe I really existed because there was no photographic proof.

This picture was taken a month or so ago. Of course you know the little man with me. That is my David. We were at CP clinic (cerebral palsy clinic) and after being there a couple of hours, his patience and mine were running low. That is when I always drag out the camera phone and start snapping pictures. He loves to look at himself because David does in fact feel the world revolves around him and that everything is about him. (I have no idea where this kid gets these ideas!) So anyway...we started clicking away and somehow my face ended up in this one. Notice that I am looking over my glasses....not through them like most people. This is why I hate taking pictures. David really seemed to like this picture because out of all of them he kept going back to this one. Probably because he had never seen Momma in a photo before. He likes the strange and unusual. At any rate....this is my picture of me and a family member. You like?

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!

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