Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 30! Spring, Random Thoughts and Missing You

I'm getting this started late today. First let me say....Happy First Day of Spring!!!!! I have been to Mass and then to Wal-mart. Yesterday as I began my chair project and started pulling all the material off, I realized that the one thing I did not purchase when I got all my materials was a staple gun. With the number of staples I pulled out of that was obvious that a staple gun was a BIG necessity. So now....I have a staple gun. I also have brightly colored pots to put my garden in once the seeds have actually become plants. You will get full visuals of these once I have the chair project done....which might not be today, but since we are going into spring break...I am not worried. I shall have the task complete before the week is out.

Fathers sermon while good this morning...turn to in God, did not glaringly feel like it was pin pointed at me. Not that I don't have much room to grow in my faith......or my ability to have faith, It just didn't feel like Father was looking at me with that are you  paying attention look in his eyes. Perhaps I wasn't paying as close attention as I should have been and maybe....just's sermon was NOT all about me. Stranger things have been known to happen.

What is going on in the world right now really scares me. Muammar Gaddafi has always scared me. He scared my folks. I remember as a kid my mother saying that he was nuts and that he was a danger to the US and others. For many years he has been sort of out of sight out of mind....but now he is back. With Gaddafi on the prowl again and all that is going on in Libya, it leaves me very uneasy. Oil seems to be the pawn in all of this and I find myself getting a bit angry at our own powers that be not letting us drill in the US so that we do not have to rely on the likes of Gaddafi for our oil. I am so hoping that this whole thing ends better than it currently looks like it might.

So as I was driving home from Wally World....I was blogging in my head, except for the fact that I seem to be in a bit of a dry spell today. Nothing of any particular importance or even non-importance seemed to be coming to me. That is not like me at all.....I usually have plenty to say about everything. Hmmm...... You know me though.....having a dry spell will not stop me from doing my blog, so I just decided to throw some random thoughts out there that go through my mind from time to time. Here goes:

Why is it that when a woman puts on a man's is considered sexy, but if a man were to put on a woman's would not be the word that came to mind?

If it is true that with age comes wisdom.....then why aren't I a whole lot smarter?

Why is it when I go into the bathroom.....invariably that is the moment in time when everyone in the house needs to talk to me?

Why do teenage boys and young men seem to think we all (as in complete strangers) want to see their underwear?

The strong March, KS wind is back....and me without a hat!

Hamsters are just rats in disguise!

Pigs are a decorating statement, much like Contemporary Furniture or granite counter tops.

The essence of a blogger never dies.....for her blogs live on forever!

Are you scared yet? 'Cause these are just a few of the thoughts that tumble around in my mind!

Well guys, I bet you thought this day would never come. Today is the final day of the 30 Day Challenge. Have you learned anything about me? Probably more than you ever wanted to know! Whatever will I do now that I don't have my 30 Day Challenge to fall back on? I am pretty sure I will think of something! :)

The 30 Day Challenge

Day 30 - A picture of someone you miss.

One of the things about growing older is that you end up missing more and more people. In my life I have lost many people. I have lost friends and family members. I have lost a daughter, a husband and a mother and I miss each and every one of them. Not a day goes by that one of those who are no longer with me.....doesn't pop into my head. The following though are the ones who can still cause my heart to ache as if it was only yesterday and in the same moment bring on a smile because of their wonderful memory.

The first that I miss....I have no picture of. As I have said....the story of Little Mary has not as yet been told by me, but because of the circumstances surrounding her short life, there are no pictures of her. Just trust me when I tell you that she was beautiful. She had dark hair and dark eyes and when she smiled....the world smiled with her. No parent should have to out live a child. I miss her with all my heart.

The next is a woman whom we just recently lost. At Thanksgiving we lost Ruth. Ruth was in many ways a second mother to me and her loss is still very new and painful. I can't help though but smile when I look at her picture and remember growing up along side her family. It was a honor to know her and a privilege to be considered one of her own. Oh how I miss you dear Ruth!

My mother was always there for me. She was a driving force in all I did and all I have become. She taught me how to live life to the fullest and to die with grace and dignity. Still today I can catch myself from time to time picking up the phone to dial  her number or thinking that I so wish I could ask her something.  I miss our long talks and her laughter. I miss her wisdom and the comfort she could always seem to matter the circumstance. I lost my mother to a dreaded disease.....and I miss her every day.

There are days when I think of him and not only my lips....but my heart too....smiles. There are still days his face crosses my mind and I feel the tears well up inside. He was my friend, the man I loved and the father of my children. He was my heart and when I lost heart was broken. I miss his laugh, the way he made even going to Wal-mart fun. I miss watching him with the kids and hearing his keys hit the kitchen table when he walked in the door. I miss snuggling with him on the couch and hearing him thank God each and every night for what God had given us that day. I miss our talks and him telling me that no matter what the situation....everything would be alright. I miss you my dear Tim with all my heart because you made us a family. And as I write is almost as if I can hear him softly whispering....."everything will be alright....until we meet again!" I miss my Tim!

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