Friday, March 25, 2011

The Girls from LisaMarie's

HEADACHE!!!!! Arrrgggghhhh! Yesterday morning it started about 9 a.m. I think I mentioned that I was feeling bad the night before....then the headache set in. Finally about 3:30 p.m. yesterday, I succumbed to it. David and I took about a 2 hour nap. When I woke up, it was better, but never truly went away. During the night it came back full force. It was so bad I even dreamed I had a headache. It was one of those dreams where you tell yourself that if you wake up....then it will all be over. I finally woke myself up just to find that I indeed had a non-dream headache and it was every bit as bad as the dream version. Believe me, this does not make for restful sleep.

I did manage to sleep in until about 8:30 a.m. this morning, but the headache is still in tact. Maybe not as bad as during the night, but still very noticeable. I refuse however, to let it stop me today. After all I have cheesecakes to make and possibly another try at the zoo today. It is suppose to be the last nice day until Wed. or Thursday of next week, so I would really like to take advantage of it.

Last night, since my head was a bit better.....I enjoyed staying up and just playing with my blogs, reading others blogs and just catching up on all things internet that I haven't really had a chance to do. Then I ran across an really sad obituary followed by another. These two kids will be having a double funeral. For some reason (above and beyond the obvious) these obituaries and this article really got to me. Maybe because it was such a senseless and yet all too common accident. Someone crosses the yellow line late at night either falling asleep because they are too tired to be driving that late....or possibly under the influence and in no condition to be driving. At any rate...these two and the driver of the other vehicle all ended up dead. Pictures of both these kids showed they were young, full of life and apparently very much in love. One was an OU student and one was a KSU student. Today three families are grieving and soon....three young lives will be put to rest. If you have a moment and you pray.....say a prayer for these families who are about to do the toughest thing they will ever do....bury their kids. No parent should ever have to out live their kids!

Sorry for the darkness today. It must be the headache. On the upside.....I did get the nails and toes done yesterday. For whatever reason...having my toes and my nails done....but especially my toes just makes me feel a little prettier and little more feminine. Being in the salon though for two hours probably didn't help my headache and waiting to eat or drink anything until 2 p.m. probably didn't help either. I was going to weigh on my home scales since we didn't have a Weight Watchers meeting yesterday but the battery in my scale was dead. I had to pick one up in my travels yesterday and so I didn't get to weigh until all my running was done. I probably got really dehydrated in all of the running....but it was worth it to see that one pound gone!

Your Photo here.....(day 4)

The Girls from LisaMarie's

This photo makes me smile every time I look at it. It takes me back to a very stressful and yet very fun time in my life. In the early 1990"s, about 1992 to be precise, I took over a little down town Mulvane hair salon. Since I was not a stylist (I did nails), I started out just doing nails and I converted some of the space into a tanning salon. Soon I hired stylists and expanded, then I added on a workout facility and aerobic classes and expanded further. The entire story of LisaMarie's is a blog entry all in itself which one day maybe I will go back and tell, but today's picture focuses on the girls from LisaMarie's.

As I said, I started off alone. Then one day a fellow high school graduate whom I had known but wasn't really close to in high school happened to walk through my door. I remembered her as fairly quiet and rather shy in high school. She shattered that image when after looking around a bit and seeing me run crazy she blurted out...."You need to hire me to take care of your salon!" I had never considered hiring anyone until that moment...but I knew she was right and I hired her on the spot. From that moment on....Marni was a LisaMarie's girl. My next hire was a customer who was a stylist but had been a stay at home mom for quite some time. She began frequenting my salon more and more and finally asked me if I would be interested in hiring her to do hair. I was, she signed on.....and Jeanette became a LM girl. Kris and Kay were also customers. When they came in to get nails or hair done, the place became lively. We laughed, we talked and we laughed some more. Soon they too (although not working for me) became LM girls. Kris later on did become one of my aerobic teachers as did Jeanette, and it seemed like the five of us were always together.

Friday and Saturday nights were our nights to play. Often times we would hit our local bar, sometimes we went out to movies, dinner or other bars and sometimes we just stayed at the salon; cleaning, talking, laughing, and even remodeling. They were times I will always remember and always hold close to my heart.

LisaMarie's closed in 1995 and during the years from 1992 to 1995...many girls (Jennifer, Muffy, Sam, Carrie....and James who was not a girl) came through and spent time at LisaMarie's. But the original five were special. We drifted apart after LM closed but thanks to fb we have all accept for Jeanette, found each other again. Kay and I see each other from time to time. Marni and I see each other at least once a year. I just found Kris again and we are still looking for Jeanette. If you see her....let her know she is missed.

So here's to the girls from LisaMarie's! Who knows....maybe this will spark a reunion. What a great group of girls and what a wonderful time in my life. I miss you all!

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