Monday, March 28, 2011

Lions, Lambs, Nails, Blogs, Nausea and Castles! Yep...It's a Monday!

Was trying to remember as I woke up this morning....whether March came in like a lion or a lamb. If the forecast for Thursday is accurate, then apparently it came in like a Thursday (March 31st) is to be warm and calm with the highs in the high 70's (very lamb-like indeed). I must say I look forward to this upcoming warmth and hope that once again....the weatherman is not just merely yanking my chain. He and I are barely on speaking terms as it is!

So I got acrylic nails over spring break. was a much needed move for my self-esteem and a big leg up on the "pretty-o-meter" but they are proving to be a little impractical at their current length. Previously I was working with sawed off stubs which allowed me to type with ease, but now these beauty extensions are causing me to mistype every now and then and are causing a little bit of frustration. While they are not long by most standards and aren't even a quarter as long as I once wore them.....still now....they are a bit of a typing nuisance and I am wondering if I will be able to maintain the patience in order to maintain the nails??? I suppose cutting them back is an option, I just hope I get it done before I yank them off.....which could also be an option if I get frustrated. Can you tell it is a Monday already?

Just a couple of days left before March is all played out. As months go, March hasn't been too bad life wise. I still have a lot to do to finish it off, but it is still all doable....I think! One rather unusual aspect of March is.....if I continue writing everyday (through the 31st), it will be the first time since  at least high school and maybe even ever (hard to remember that far back) that I have written daily for an entire month. Even in that month, going back and reading some of my stuff....I see changes in my writing and definitely I see changes since the beginning of the year. My blog has taken on a life of it's own this year and I kind of like it. I just hope I don't lose momentum and go back to writing just a couple of times a month. But I am pleased and what a way to go into April especially since April 2nd  is when I get to teach my creative writing/blogging class. Yay me!

I am feeling better today....thank goodness. For some reason, last night was once again a toss and turn kind of night, but at least I didn't wake up in pain or feeling nauseous. I really think I was just pushing pretty hard both mentally and physically for the last couple of weeks and my body just screamed...."Enough!"  Today though, feels like I can jump back into things and run with them...which is good considering the kind of day that is ahead of me. I have work to go to, working out (that is a must after two days down), cheesecakes to make for tomorrow, paperwork to catch up on.....and a chair to finish....and all of this before bedtime tonight. Come to think of it....maybe I am feeling a little nauseous after all!

Your Photo Here......(Day 7)

The Castle!

Today's picture is one that I am not sure how I feel about. This picture is of the wall at David's neurologists office. Now granted....he is a pediatric neurologist, so the wall is fitting for his patient clientele and it has been on his wall the better part of a decade. Every time I walk in I see this huge castle/mural thing. There is also a border that goes around the room with I believe, smaller castles and child-like mid-evil scenes (princesses, dragons, etc). But for some always gives me the feeling of ambivalence (yes....I know big words!)

I am not sure why the strange feelings this wall art brings on. Maybe it is because I already have strange feelings walking into the office and this just enhances those feelings. I have never been a huge fan of the neurology office, simply because of why we have to go. That is not to say I am not a fan of the neurologists, I just don't like going to his office. And it seems like rather than soothe the kids (David especially) it just makes them loud and a little stressed....and each time....I have to look at that huge castle on the wall!

Who knows....maybe it has nothing to do with the wall at all. Maybe it is just me looking for a place to push off my anxiety and the poor wall with it's starting to peel castle just gets to be my target.  I'm really not sure at this point. All I know is every couple of months for the last 10 years.....I get to spend at least a half hour looking at this castle. If you weren't jealous of my life are now....RIGHT?!

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