Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Schoolwork, March Adventures and Day 11!

Children!!!! For those of you with kids.....I probably don't even need to say another word. The exclamation points say it all. For those of  you without.....I should probably explain. When you have children....there is often a love/hate relationship involved. You always love them....but darn if you don't hate some of the stuff they do. You get really tired of repeating yourself, grounding them, arguing with them and ultimately going gray because they don't listen.

Right now we are having "grade" issues. The grades aren't great....but then again....neither is the effort going into those grades. The algebra grade is REALLY bad....as is the French grade. The algebra grade is probably hereditary as algebra and I never really got along when I was in school....but my grade was still much better than what my young one is getting. The French I am just plain  mad about because I literally sat in the counselors office last summer and begged him not to take it....but in all of his 14 year old wisdom.....he insisted. Once again.....I DID KNOW BEST!....and he didn't listen!!! grrrrr Finally....the Biology grade. This one just blows me out of the water. He pays attention in class (the teacher has backed this one up) and he knows the material as I have to hear about every biology lecture every night.....but when it comes to taking the tests.....there is some disconnect between what he actually knows.....and how he puts it down on paper. While this grade is excellent compared to the other two.....it still sucks by all academic standards. So here I am....being the Meanest Mom in Mulvane again and making sure his crucial freshman social life is all but non-existent until his grades at least show some effort. (Apparently we will be burying his social life later this week. I will let you all know when the services are.....so you can attend!)

Sadly....with these measures of punishment....guess who else gets punished??? That's right....good ol' Mom! Now...every evening I will be spending hours going over Algebra which I am no good at, Biology which I can't stand, and French which I never learned. You can bet there will be frustration, arguing, and tears (and Zach will be upset too!) Should be a good time had by all!

Shaking off the negative and moving on.....today is March 1st. A new day, new month, new beginning. (And as a side note....March 1st is National Pig Day! Have you hugged a pig today?) This also means today is the day that I choose my March Adventure(s). First I would like to thank everyone who gave me input on this. I had some pretty cool ideas given to me...about 10 serious ones and out of those I chose two. (Remember I am still training for the 2 mi. in June so this will be a carry over adventure until then.)

So onto my March Adventures: Drum roll please......my first adventure which I thought was outstanding..... is redoing a piece of furniture suggested by Deb L. I have the perfect piece to redo and actually it should be a great first timers project as the chair I have in mind is really in good shape. I really just need to redo the upholstery on it. Since I know nothing of what I am doing.....this could take all month....but should be interesting. This could also be good for several blogs. Bonus!!!! Thanks Deb L. The second adventure is one that puts me in a spring state of mind and was suggested by KD. KD suggested that I start a plant from a seed and watch it grow. Now I have had gardens in the past....but it has been years. I am thinking maybe starting a pepper plant, cucumber plant and tomato plant might be kind of cool. I really don't have the time to do a full on garden....but I am thinking about a container garden. So this week I will be getting seeds and starting the process. Thank you KD for the great suggestion.

So there you have it folks.....my March Adventures are decided and will soon be underway. I am excited. So I will have a "new" chair and veggies for the summer. Useful and productive! How good were these suggestions? And how good am I for choosing them? It is going to be a good month!

It is time for the 30 Day Challenge.

Today's challenge:

Day 11 - A picture of something you hate.

Now hate is not a word I like (accept when it comes to some of my children's actions. Then I use it loudly and often). I really don't believe that we should give into hate as it opens so many negative doors of emotion in our lives. However....there is one thing that I can honestly say I hate above all else. It causes me no end of sadness, fear, stress, pain, loss...and ultimately...yes....hate! What could bring on such emotion you ask? The answer is....cancer!

Cancer has reared its ugly head amongst my family and friends for years. I have watched people I love and care about struggle with finding out they had the dreaded disease, watched them fight through the treatment (which takes a toll both mentally and physically) and in some cases I have watched the disease consume them. Blessedly.....there have also been those who were vigilant in self exams and regular medical check-ups and who caught this monster early and came out triumphant in the battle. So we know that the beast can be fought and conquered, but why must it be allowed to take hold in the first place? Why can't a cure be found...so that I and my children and my family and friends and their children don't have to worry that this disease may someday come knocking at their door and possibly take away those they love?

Until a cure is found....I encourage each of you to get regular medical check-ups. Encourage the men in your life to get prostate exams yearly after 40.....and women to get yearly mammograms also after 40. And once those you love turn 50.....make sure a colonoscopy every five years is part of their medical plan.

Cancer is the absolute worst "c" word I know (and that is saying something), but it doesn't have to be a death sentence. Early detection can be the difference between living a few months or living many happy, healthy years. And if like me....cancer has already taken hold of your family gene pool...then vigilance is the key.

I pray daily that in my life time or at the very least my kids lifetime....a cure will be found and no one else has to die from this disease. But until that cure is found.....suffice it to say....I will always HATE cancer!

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