Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday, Charlie Sheen, Fred Phelps, Rick Springfield and Sweat

Today I am better! Maybe it is because it is almost Friday....or maybe because my head does not feel like it might implode. Whatever the reason.....I don't feel like screaming like a banshee through the streets....and I am sure my neighbors appreciate that.

Zachary did in fact have an ear infection. Before the dr. came in the room....I used the little lighted doohickey (like my technical speak?) that they use to look in the ears. I wanted to see what was going on in there. All I saw was blood red, swollen flesh with white pussy looking stuff (sorry for the graphic description). I was anxious for her to tell me what she saw when she came in. Pretty much....she told me she saw the same thing.....with the addition of a blister in the ear canal which was why his ear was draining. We walked out with antibiotics and steroid drops for the ears. They appear to be doing their job because he seems to be hearing better and not in as much pain. Thank goodness for modern medicine.

Two things that everyone (at least in my part of the world) seem to be talking about are Charlie Sheen and the Supreme Court upholding the Westboro Baptist Churches right to picket funerals. WOW! Yesterday was a busy news day! First Mr. Sheen! While I really like Two and Half Men and find the character of Charlie pretty entertaining....I am not impressed with the man behind the character. He appears to be an egotistical jerk whose only interest in this life is self interest. Of course this goes along with the addict personality, but the best thing his family, friends, fans and the rest of the world could do for him is to simply turn their backs on him. He needs to hit rock bottom like nobody's business. He needs to be humbled and brought as low as possible or else he is just going to be another Hollywood star who couldn't handle the fame and ends up dead. He is currently a train wreck who is living in denial about his entire existence and who has delusions about his fame, his actions and his addiction. His interview on 20/20 has soured me on all things Charlie Sheen. Bring John Stamos on board.....and I might watch .....Men again!

Ahhh Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church! Once again they are trying to pervert the Constitution with their agenda of hate.....and once again....they won! I have heard many people angry beyond words and blaming the Supreme Court for their erroneous decision in standing behind the rights of these hate mongers......and sadly I must say......I agree with their decision! Honestly....I don't see how they could have decided any other way without completely turning the Constitution inside out! Now before your panties bunch up so tight that you can never pull them out......please let me explain. NO.....I do not support these disrespectful jerks who hide behind both a church and the Constitution to spread the word of hate and who try to bully and intimidate the families of fallen soldiers. I don't support their hatred of gays, nor their harassment of anyone and anything that doesn't agree with their message of hate. However.....I do support their right to free speech. They walk this narrow line of abusive speech with the full intent (I believe) of in sighting people to try and take away their rights. If the court had sided with all the angry people who want to see the Phelps families tongues tied....then it would have been no time before the family would have perverted the system even further by twisting the ruling so that anyone who spoke out against them would have wound up with no end of legal problems. The Supreme Court was looking beyond today into the future and I feel they ruled wisely.

I believe that when the Constitution was first was written with the belief that our freedom of speech would be used with responsibility and respect. They had no way of knowing that 200+ years later there would be Phelps' or people who would use this "right" as a means to destroy the very country that gave them this right. Still and all....if we start taking free speech away from those we don't agree with.....soon none of us will have any rights. Think of the implications of such an act. There would be no social network sights that weren't monitored, controlled and edited by the government. There would be no peaceful protests, no protests at all in fact. No speeches that weren't first okayed by the government. Truth as we know it would be a thing of the past.....and my blog, your blog and anyone elses blog would be banned because after all....they are freedom of expressions. So doesn't seem fair that the Westboro Baptist Church can picket at the funerals of the very men and women who are upholding their rights and ultimately dying for them.....but one ever promised life would be fair.

Okay....enough of my opinions..... on to the 30 Day Challenge.

Day 13 - A picture of your favorite band or artist.

While through the years I have been partial to many bands and artists.....only one has my heart stayed truly faithful to. And who might you ask would hold my heart for so many years????? Why only the one and only Rick Springfield!!!! Rick Springfield you say???? Why how could I even remember someone that far back? Ahhh....who am I kidding? Not only do I remember him.....but I even went to his concert....and he sweated on me!!!!

It was another Berty, Thiry, Lisa adventure and Rick came to the Coliseum in Wichita. He was headlining....and some other act (I think his name was Corey Hart...haha) was appearing with him. We had moved close to the huge floor speakers so that Berty and Thiry could see Corey Hart who was back stage. Meanwhile.....Mr. Springfield jumped right up on the speaker....covered in sweat....I looked up....he shook his head.....and the rest as they history. For weeks following that concert I would just randomly shout out to anyone who would listen.....Rick Springfield sweat on me! Funny....none seemed as impressed as I. In fact when I told my mother...she said..."Ewww! Ick!" And after awhile....Berty and Thiry would just say SHUT UP! Obviously no one truly understood what Rick and I shared that night. Not even Rick!

To this day I still love Rick Springfield's music and if I am feeling particularly nostalgic.....I will put on some Working Class Dog and reminisce about that concert and our moment together. And periodically when Berty, Thiry and I are together....I will once again randomly bring up the fact that Rick Springfield sweat on me. I guess the eye rolls and dirty looks mean they are trying to tell me that they still..... just really don't care! Honestly though....I just think they are just jealous 'cause Corey Hart....didn't sweat on them! Hmph


Funny Conservative Videos said...

Charlie Sheen's cheese has completely slipped off his cracker. It is sad because he had a really funny sitcom. If you like funny stuff, check out the funny videos at Off Color Fun.

Debbie said...

Good lord woman, you and Rick must reunite! He still does concerts (about 100 a year)and at 61 looks hotter than ever! Go, RUN to!! Here's a link to some Rick eye candy for ya-pictures of the man shirtless in concert 2001-2010.