Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday, Questions and Ireland on Day 20

 Morning all. Well....I made it through Ash Wednesday meatless.....and no snacks. Nope....not one morsel. Nor was there diet pop involved....even though my co-worker tempted me mercilessly. I surmise there might be a little "devilish" behavior going on there! :)

David had a day of seizures yesterday....which was no fun for any of us.....him especially. I will write more about this in David's blog here.....just as soon as my heart rate is back to normal. In case no one knows this.....those seizures just scare the bejeebers out of me.

Speaking of bejeebers....I realized something rather unflattering about myself yesterday. Not only do I have a potty mouth, but when I get going.....not just one word comes out....but a whole strew of words comes out. It is like what they say in Mean Girls.....I have word vomit. (Nice visual....right?) But it is true. When it just keeps coming. I know that this cussing thing will be a work in I decided yesterday to fine myself a quarter each time a bad work crossed my lips. At the end of Lent.....I will then give that money to charity. Yesterday alone I had to fork over $34....I am thinking some charity is going to be feeling pretty lucky along about Easter!

Funny thing. Since I have started the 30 Day Challenge......apparently about three more people have started reading my blog (this is up from the original two). This has brought about some questions which I have either been asked to my face or through email. So as I know you are all just yearning right down to the tips of your toes to know more about are a few of the questions I have been asked......and the answers I have given. If you have anymore after you read this.....feel free to ask and I will include them in another blog somewhere down the line!

Questions people ask me after reading my blogs:

Is Thiry real? Yes folks....she is and if you like I can give you her phone number so you can call her for verification purposes.

What is wrong with David? Nothing! If you want his medical diagnosis though....he has Cerebral Palsy and is Developmentally Delayed.

Your blogs come off as sarcastic sometimes....are you really sarcastic or is that just for the readers? Nope...I do nothing special for the readers. I am sometimes a little on the sarcastic side....I am sure my friends will back me up on this one.

Is your son Wesley single? Depends on the day!

Why is there a picture of a cheesecake on your blog? Because I like love cheesecake! Oh....and I make cheesecakes as a side business under the name of The Cheesecake Chick. However....if you are not Wichita, KS adjacent....then I can't make you one because shipping currently is not cost effective.

How long were you and your husband married? We were together six years and married five.

Are you currently in a relationship? I am currently in many relationships....but none romantically! You offering?

Do you have a job? I have many jobs nurse,  nanny, housekeeper, pool girl, teacher, chef, chauffeur, accountant, human resource manager, jailer, court jester.....oh you mean do I work outside the home. Yes....I do that too!

Have you ever had any of your work published? Yes! A few poems....but it has been many years ago.

What do your friends think when you write about them? most cases I don't use names (so only they know who I am referring to) and the ones I do....well they have known me long enough to know that it goes with the territory of being a part of the Lisaland posse.

Are your blogs about real life or do you make up most of your stuff? Really? You can't make up this stuff. From time to time I may take a little artistic license but for the most part....everything I blog is the God's honest truth!

Does it ever embarrass you when you write about something personal? No! If there is something that I find too embarrassing or that personal....I don't write about it. But there are few things in my life that I am just all out embarrassed about!

Have you ever thought about writing a book? Only every second of every day since I was ten! Sadly though.....that is as far as it has ever gone. Of this day of modern technology...I probably have as many blog readers as I would have readers of a published work.....and this way I don't have to pay my book advance back! :)

So there you have it folks.....answers to questions and nary a cuss word used.

It is 30 Day Challenge time.

Day 20 - A picture of somewhere you'd love to travel.

While there are many places I would love to travel before my time here is of the places I have always wanted to go is Ireland. Perhaps there is a yearning in me because this is where most of my ancestors originated from. The O 'Doughtery's (and I don't believe this is the original spelling) came over from Ireland in the early to mid 1800's. In the process of this migration....the name changed from O'Dougherty to just plain Dougherty. The clan then spread out throughout the United States. Some staying in NY and the eastern US while my branch traveled to IA and then eventually to OK where they gained land through the OK Land Rush.  Apparently though....with all the years and all the traveling.....the longing for Ireland does not get bred out of us.

Many of my family members have been lucky enough to have traveled to the Emerald Isle and none so far have been disappointed with their journey.  The weather stays fairly temperate there with temps not usually going below 32 degrees or above the high 60's. Not exactly the extremes that we here in KS get to play with.

Ireland is famous for it's shopping and being able to purchase any and all things wool. I have also heard that if you really...really search, you might be able to find a pub or two in which to warm yourself on a cold night with some good ol' Irish Whiskey or a dark Irish beer.

Beer drinking and shopping aside....Ireland is known to have some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world with hills in which you can stand atop and see for miles. And thanks to St. snakes!

Yep....I am thinking that maybe someday I will step out of Lisaland and enjoy a trip to the land of Leprechauns and rainbows....cause Ireland is calling me home!


robin said...

hahahaha I love u Lisa.....

Thiry said...

Is Thiry real??? That is pretty funny...yes Thiry Love is real...I like your blogs Lisa...I just can't figure out how you have the time to do it with all you do...being the sole leader and being responsible for all you have to take care of in you life...its really quite amazing...