Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nausea, the Vet and Falling in Love Day 15

 Well...the weekend is finally here.....and wouldn't you know it....I feel rotten. It was not a good night last night and I would love nothing more than to still be sleeping.....but I feel too yucky to sleep....therefore I blog! I am really a bit frustrated as I had many plans today...not the least of which was to go get my nails done. I was ready for a treat, but the thought of sitting in a nail salon with all the funky nail salon smells.....just makes me more nauseous than I already am. I was also planning on preparing the chair that I am going to redo for  March as well as go ahead and start my seeds. Then there was also the tons of laundry and the house cleaning that needed to be done. But apparently.....for now, blogging is all that will get accomplished. Then I may try sleep again. fun is today so far?

Other than right now....the week has ended well. I got a lot accomplished and I am starting to feel as if my head is slightly above water. I am working on my spending practices and keeping a much closer eye on my "out go" so that it does not way exceed my "income." I have even started changing the way I buy groceries. I am planning an overhaul of all my bills to see which ones I can cut back on and maybe there are even some that I can eliminate all together. I also have almost all my balances paid off on credit cards and then I am done using them except for emergencies. True David is in the hospital and I have no money or I am out of gas and I have no money. Not......Kohls is having a shoe sale and I have no money! In my weight goes down....I would really like for my bank account to go up. I know I will never be rich....but solvent would be nice.

I am wondering if there is a correlation between how sick I feel right now....and the fact that Spongebob is playing on not one....but two TV's in my house? (Loudly I might add!) Granted....the little yellow sponge didn't make me sick....but I am really thinking he is not helping the recovery at all. In all fairness though....everything is making me nauseous.

I am back!!!! Did you miss me???? Did you even know I was gone??? clear up the mystery....I was. You I was writing the above and feeling extremely nauseous and wishing I could sleep....I heard a yell from downstairs. Apparently my dogs were also feeling nauseous all night. My downstairs looks like I fed my dogs Ipecac. Not what I needed today. Since they were both still sick....I decided I better get them to the vet. WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING???

We cleaned up the mess and off I went. Now usually I try to take the dogs at a time. But most especially the vets. Today though....I thought I better do a two for one (two trip) as I felt like I myself might pass out. Thinking I would beat the Sat. morning rush....I got there a little before 8. and ten other people. Ooy! So I took my two little beasts in and suddenly (miraculously even) they are bouncing off the walls and apparently feeling fine. They spent their time between trying to pull my arm out of its socket and crying pitifully that they couldn't make friends with all the other puppies! Izzy tried once to put on her tough B!tch persona and do a little growling. That was halted immediately when a bulldog who happened to be a bigger B!tch called her bluff. Izzy immediately knew she was out b!tched and retreated behind Spuds fat gut.

I tried to sit in a corner and hold them close to my legs....but they were like those kids that are loud and obnoxious and you never want to invite anywhere. There were labs, rots, chihuahuas, and a hoard of mixed breads that just sat patiently waiting their turns....and then there was Bonnie and Clyde who spent their entire time peeing the floor and trying to break free. Every time the door opened and a new dog came in.....I experienced the fresh hell of their less than stellar behavior. Forty-five minutes later....I was able to take them back, only to be told it was probably something they ate....but it looked like they would be fine. That is if I didn't kill them before we got out of the clinic! I can't wait until we get to go back for shots!!!!!

Okay....onto the 30 Day Challenge....and then I am going back to bed!

Day 15 - A picture of something you want to do before you die.

I really had to think about this one a bit, but when I hit on it.....I knew it! I want to fall in love again! I know it will never be like before....simply because I am not young and I do know what love is. But I am hoping that next time....if there is a next time....that it is better! By better I mean....this time....I will know what is happening to my head and my heart and I will be able to appreciate every moment.

I want the excitement of mutual attraction and the tingling feeling you get when you brush up against each other. I want my heart to skip a beat when I hear his voice and I want the butterflies in my stomach when I know I get to see him.

I want the dates and the pre-date flutters wondering if he will like what I am wearing. I want to see him and have him take my breath away....and I want those evenings when you just don't want to say good bye and look for the silliest reasons to linger. I want to see my reflection in his eyes and know that his heart too is fluttering as he looks at me. I want the goose bumps and the flushed feeling.

What I want most of all though is....knowing that I found the one that I will grow old with and grow in love with. I want the anticipation of our first kiss and then the fireworks and the sparks knowing that this may be my last first kiss!

I know it is a pretty tall order....but this is what I want before I die!

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