Saturday, March 12, 2011

When I Grow Up, Saturday and Day 22

It's Saturday!!! And it is not dawn either! I forced myself to stay in bed until 8 a.m. Okay.....there really wasn't a lot of forcing going on.....but my inner Mean Lisa was telling me I should get up and get busy....whilst my Sweet Lisa was is okay.....just rest. This all started at about 5:45 I compromised. I rested until 8 and now I am getting busy. What???? Blogging is busy! I have also had a shower and I am going to be running errands as soon as I am done here. I am also....going to start my March Adventures today. You remember.....the seed planting and the chair re-doing. is going to be a busy day here in Lisaland.

Yesterday.....I had David dressed and ready to get on the bus and just minutes before his bus was due.....he decided to throw up everywhere. You could just see it coming on. He had been a little quiet but seemed to be fine. We had just come downstairs and he was at the bottom of the stairs. Suddenly his face turned so white he was almost clear and  he started shuddering and then all of a sudden......well......I won't give you the complete visual...but you know what I am saying.  I then spent several hours cleaning the floor up, him up, doing laundry and just holding him. Finally.....he went to sleep. After sleeping for literally several hours.......he woke up acting much better. It looked as if we might have a bit of a replay last night.....but thankfully he just went back to sleep. Today.....he is up, loud and guessed it......Spongebob. All seems right in David's world today! The upside to yesterday's events was, since I wasn't able to go to work or the gym......I decided to use his sleep time I am proud to house is CLEAN!!!!!! Okay.....Z helped a little when he got home.....but is CLEAN!!!!!

On another note.....a very serious heart breaks and my thoughts and prayers go out to all who were victims of yesterdays earthquakes and Tsunami's.. What irony that yesterdays blog was on a picture I wish I couldn't remember and then after finishing my blog I turned on tv only to see pictures of buildings toppling, the ground cracking open, and literally geographical locations being washed away by waves. And this wasn't just happening in some far off country I had never been to.....this was threatening my own.....Hawaii, Alaska and much of the West Coast. I heard someone say yesterday that maybe the world will end in 2012. Do I believe that? No! I believe the world will end when God chooses the time. That could be today, 2012 or millenniums from now. I do however believe that from time to time God gives us warnings that perhaps we need to take stock in what we are doing and how we are living (war, destroying the earth, abortion, rape, incest, murder.....) the list could go on and on and maybe.....we should take heed. But for now.....the focus is on yesterdays victims. They need help, support and most of all prayer. Remember.....blood is always needed in disasters such as this and also I have heard that the Red Cross right now is just accepting money because blood and money are what they need most. is 30 Day Challenge time. I bet you are just tingly right down to your toes!

Day 22 - A picture of something you wish you were better at. light of making this particular blog have an eventual end.....I won't tell you all the things I wish I was better at. The list would  go on for days.  Truly.....I can do many things, but to actually do any of them well......I think there are only a couple. Everything else in my life is a work in progress and I could live to be 165 and probably still be able to count on one hand what I could do really well.

The first thing is very important to me and something that I don't do near as well as some seem to think that I do. That is pray. I do pray! I pray often....daily in fact. Sometimes hourly.....depending on the day. But sometimes I just don't feel like I pray right. If you are not a then I have lost you at this point. If you are a then you probably have somewhat of an inkling of what I am talking about. Praying is all about turning that which we can't control....over to God. As I have said a million times.....that is my objective....but I am not very good at it. My mom used to say...."you can't hand things over and then take them back. By doing show that your faith is truly lacking."  She of always was right. Maybe it is not my praying skill that lacks. Maybe it is my faith! Whatever the case.....I really do wish that my faith was in prayers would be too!

Next.....and this is another big one. My mothering skills. Yes...I have kids, but having kids does not make you a mother. Being a mother is all about love, teaching, nurturing and bringing up good, emotionally strong young people who have the skills and the abilities to face the world. My mother did it well. Maybe too well. She made it look easy.....even though she did most of it on her own. Me.....not so much! I started struggling the very second I looked into my first child's eyes for the very first time and I have struggled every second since. The reality that you are responsible for molding and shaping this little life into a person with faith, values, morals, and still allowing them individuality and personality is the toughest job out there....and one that I think I really lack in. My cousin once gave me some words of wisdom on motherhood.....some days you are the mother they need.....and some days you are just the mother they get! Those words struck a chord because they were so true....and unfortunately often.....more than it should be.....I am just the mother they get.....and not the one they need. So I would say....this is another area I wish I were better at.

This one many can relate to. I am horrible with money. While I will say I have gotten much better with it.....I still have miles to go. I have always struggled with money....from making it, to being able to control it when I do have it, and then, being able to balance a checkbook. I have spent my life robbing Peter to pay Paul....and usually....they are both broke. My dear friend Berty spent years trying to help me learn how to balance a checkbook. It finally took and I learned....and probably not a minute before she was ready to kill me and hide my body. So now I can confidently checkbook just usually balances with negative numbers. I would say that I would LOVE to be better with money!

And finally.....I want to be a better.....writer! Yes....I write/blog....and sometimes my blogs are okay, but I guarantee you that if you brought in a real writer and they were to read my writing...they could find a million and one things wrong with it. My lack of publication is a pretty good indicator of my skill level (that and I haven't exactly actively pursued publication!) I read somewhere that a real writer/blogger....writes every single day. Until this challenge came along....I was lucky if I wrote once a month. Perhaps this will up my game a bit. I would love to be able to write in a way, that like my hero Erma Bombeck made people laugh out loud or if I could be able to bring a tear to someones eye because they felt such emotion over my words. How great would that be?  I would  love to be able to touch someone with my words and have them walk away from reading my work feeling that my words affected them. Will it ever happen? Who knows! But maybe someday when I grow up.....I will be a writer!

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