Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Whining, Seizures and Day 25.....TODAY!

Can I just say....that I officially am NOT a fan of Daylights Savings Time? You may find this shocking....but it is true!!!! It's dark and I am tired! 'Nuf said! Okay fine! George Lopez week is over on Nick at Night so we are back to the Nanny. And perhaps I stayed up until 11:30 p.m. watching, but that still doesn't get DST off the hook! I am tired!!!! And this folks, ends the whine part of our tour. Moving on.....

Yesterday was another seizure day for David. His seizures seem to be getting a little more intense and him a little less alert each time. We did a med change last week....but I am thinking possibly the wrong med. Dr. Shah and I are apparently wondering the same thing as he ordered more blood work for David yesterday. As of now there are no results but hopefully we will get either a new med on board or change up an old one that will stop these stinkin' seizures. Yesterday he had me fairly shook up and I haven't felt like that in a long while. David seems fine this morning (of course he seemed fine yesterday morning too), so I am sending him off to school. Hopefully today he is able to stay there. I am sure my boss would really appreciate me putting in a full day.....not to mention a full week. (Maybe after spring break we will try the whole  week thing!) Have I mentioned what a great boss I have????

I got to talk to Berty on the phone last night. You would think living in the same town that we would see/talk to each other all the time. It just isn't so though. Between her work, her family and all the million and one other things she has to do....just like me, there are never enough ours in the day. We may actually talk once or twice a month (a lot of times less than that), so when we do get to talk.....it is usually a long conversation because of all the gossi.....errr....uhh....catching up we have to do. It was so nice just talking to her last night. Perhaps soon.....we will be able to see each other in person and actually get to go do something. We are way past due for a girls night out. Wichita....you better look out!!!!

Dang....everything sounds like I am whining today. Maybe it is because I am! Bad Lisa.....stop! On the up side, tomorrow will be seven whole days with nary a diet pop....or carbonated beverage of any kind for that matter. I believe the gallons of tea that I have been consuming have taken the edge off what might have been a serious caffeine withdrawal headache, so that has helped the process some. It is funny though how we get accustomed to something causing our mind and body to react a certain way. Saturday when I went to Wal-mart.....I was seriously craving a diet pop. It was so bad that those around me were starting to look like bottles of Diet Mt. Dew. Okay....maybe not that bad, but close. By the time I got through shopping, my head was hurting and my mouth was in major dehydration mode. It was then that I realized that my body was connecting shopping with diet pop as I always drink one as I shopped (Wal-mart associates just love me).....and I definitely buy one on the way out for the trip home. It was an interesting experience shopping without diet pop in hand....but I survived. However.....my wallet may not survive my potty mouth withdrawal. At the rate I am going, I am going to be able to provide some lucky charity with a brand new building when all is said and done. Who knew I had such a bad mouth? Obviously anyone who has spent more than 30 seconds with me. Wow! Just WOW!

Well it is 30 Day Challenge Time.

Day 25 - A picture of your favorite day.

I love this 30 Day Challenge for a lot of reasons, but one thing that makes it....well.....challenging, is the fact that some of the days challenges are very similar. Today is one of those days.  A picture of my favorite day. It almost seems like we have already covered a version of this. The dilemma also is, by the time you reach my age, you have already had a lot of favorites, so picking one is just a bit difficult.

The birth of each of my children was a favorite day. The day I met my Tim was also a favorite. Then there was the day I got married, the day I graduated high school and the day I finally brought David home from the hospital after five months in the NICU (neo-natal intensive care unit). There was also the day we moved into our first house together and the first time I heard my son sing on stage. So as you can see....there have been many and without having a scanner, I don't have the ability to put all those pictures on here. Also, the blog that could potentially come from such a venture would take you days to read.(You can thank me now for not having a scanner!)  So this is what I am going with for my favorite day:

My favorite day is.........today! I mean come on....any day you actually wake up and are breathing, should be your favorite day. Anything good after that is just icing on the cake. Am I right? Do I hear an Amen? Can I get an Amen? Besides...today could potentially be my next favorite day....pictures and all.Who knows????

While I know that you are used to me droning on about the daily challenge, and don't get me wrong.....I definitely could with this one too. But why? Especially when I can just say it plain and simply.....TODAY is my favorite day! (Perhaps there will be pictures to follow later!)

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