Sunday, March 27, 2011

Whiny, Complainy and HGTV

It finally happened. I pushed myself too far and last night was a horrible night. I just felt awful and I kept waking up over and over again. My head, my stomach, everything hurt. Finally I knew about 3 a.m. that church today was out of the question, so I turned the alarm off. It was futile as David started waking me up at 6 a.m. anyway. I love that boy to pieces but his internal alarm has much to be desired.

I have done nothing and accomplished nothing all morning. I have just laid with my entire body wrapped in my comforter and watched HGTV. Even that hurts my head! Eeesh! On the upside, I have seen some lovely yard makeovers and I felt the slightest twinge of jealousy as a couple in TN picked out their dream home (which coincidentally was also mine) on House Hunters. Unfortunately the almost $400,000.00 price tag that went with it was a little lot too steep for me. After renovations (the basement wasn't finished and they added on a front porch, back deck and made cosmetic changes to their liking) the price was probably closer to $500,000.00! Really? I just can't even imagine, which is probably why I am going to be in my almost 50 year old house with the bad plumbing, scary electrical and shoebox bathrooms.....for the rest of my life.  Sigh!

Honestly....I am not complaining, I just really don't feel well and it makes me really whiny, complainy (def: to not really complain...only to act like it), a bit jealous of others dream houses and all in all.....not much fun to be around. Ask my kids....they have all hidden from me. YES....even David! I can't say I blame them. I don't even like being around me right now! And you know it is bad when the dogs prefer the company of their crate over you! Again....sigh!

So this is my day. Hopefully after some rest and maybe a little more HGTV or  a Lifetime movie or two....I will start feeling better. I really have no choice since tomorrow is Monday and all the weekly fun starts all over again. Honestly though, spring break has been fun. I in no way accomplished all I hoped to accomplish, but the list did get smaller and the kids and I did have some fun. There was shopping and visiting, cheesecakes and the zoo, and even some unexpected guests thrown in the mix to keep it lively. So when all is said and done, I guess I can't really complain at all. But as bad as I am feeling today....humor me, because there might be a whine or two left before I am through.

               Your Photo Here............(Day 6)

               Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is March 27th and it is my mom's birthday so it is only fitting that today's photo be about her.

Maybe because I am not feeling well today....but the words to describe my mom are just not there or maybe it is simply because mere words just do not do her or her memory justice.

The picture(s) (just one picture doesn't do her justice either), all depict the thing I remember most about her....her laugh. She laughed a lot and her laugh was contagious causing those around her to also succumb to laughter. Her laughter sometimes came at inappropriate times...such as the time we were in church and she realized she had her shirt on inside out. She laughed to the point of tears and snorting causing all those around her to do the same. Father loved us that day!

Mom had many trials in her life, much pain both physical and emotional, and great amounts of sadness, but through it all.....she always found the ability to laugh and she passed that on to us kids. She always used to say...."Nothing is ever so bad if you can find humor in it....and honey....there is humor in everything!"

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you and still miss you like crazy!

              Mary Jacques
(March 27, 1936 to Dec. 22, 2002)

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