Thursday, March 24, 2011

You Gotta Love Spring Break

Well here I am on my spring break....up and at 'em bright and early. You would think that I would use this time to get some extra sleep(especially since I was sick last night), but so far it has not worked out so that I could. I am hoping that tomorrow may afford me a little more luxury time. Today, in all my infinite wisdom, I scheduled a drs. appt. for myself extra early, thinking I would be working today. Sigh! Oh well! After the drs. then I have to return some pants I bought for Z yesterday, head to the gym for a workout (maybe) and then I am going to treat myself.....(again...maybe!) Depending on what the scales say when I weigh and my attitude when the time comes, I just may go get myself a manicure/pedicure! Pictures here showed in no uncertain terms that I am in desperate need! We shall just see how the day goes.

It was good that I made no real plans yesterday, because the wind was awful and even with all the sunshine (don't get me wrong....was wonderful to see) it was still kind of chilly. We started our day at my dad's. Remarkably, it wasn't too bad. I don't think he said one negative thing to anyone. We were hoping that he had a suit jacket that Z could borrow for this weekend. Z is spending the weekend at Catholic Youth conference. It is in Wichita but they have two days meeting other Catholic kids from all over the state, and Sat. night they have a big dance. The only thing is, they have to wear dressier clothes all weekend. Z's wardrobe mostly consists of jeans, so we had a bit of a problem. Unfortunately Z is a bit shorter than my dad, so none of the jackets fit right. This meant money would have to be invested. I would worry about it later.

After Dad's we then had to find and then go to the Social Security office to get a replacement SS card for Z. I have mentioned how much I love all things government....correct? Once we found the place....we had about an hour wait. Normally I would just have said.....forget it, and left, but we had put this off too long and it needed to be done. Besides....who knew if I would ever be able to find the place again? So we waited. Let me just say right here.....David is not a waiter! Especially if he has the independence of his wheelchair. David is also not quiet.....especially when he is in a building that has the acoustics to carry his voice and make it echo. This building did and the minute we stepped foot inside with about 60 other people sitting quietly.....David began to clap and yell to hear his voice echo. The ugly looks others were giving me said I should probably figure out a solution to his loudness. Hush David! was just not cutting it! We decided to take him outside. First Z took him out and he walked him around and around. David enjoyed it for a period of time even in the wind. Z however, was not amused when David started trying to run over him with his chair. I finally relieved Z and I walked David, fed him a lunchable and walked him some more until finally it was our turn. Once in there....they almost turned us away because school id was not enough to prove Z was Z. Finally after a mad search through my purse......they finally decided to accept  his insurance card. From this point they quickly got us through as David was testing out the acoustics yet again.

Once we left there we went out to eat at Old Chicago. There they have the lights hanging fairly low over the table. David was fascinated and we spent the entire time trying to keep David from pulling down the light! I say the entire time, but actually once the food arrived....David was fine. Food is a huge motivator in Davids life.

Since it was still pretty windy and a bit chilly, we decided to hit the mall (the picture to the right is Towne East Square Mall cira 1975. I thought it was cool) instead of the zoo. We went into every store, finally found Z pants and shoes, and we walked and walked and walked. David though was getting tired and annoyed (he is not a shopper) and started showing his annoyance by throwing his hands down and just suddenly stopping his wheelchair wheels. Several times he almost threw me over the bars. He also tried to escape numerous times. After a couple of hours, he had had enough and he refused to shop another second. That was our cue that it was time to go home.

On our way home we stopped at Goodwill. Low and behold, I found the exact pants (khakis and dress pants) for Z,  that I had just paid $30 a pair for at the mall. Goodwill's price......$4 a pair. They were in perfect condition and fit him beautifully. Needless to say.....I will be returning the $30 ones today.

Once home, before I crashed....I did go on my walk. While I was out, David showed his displeasure with being made to spend the afternoon shopping, by locking Z in the bathroom. Z in turn was not pleased....although he did finally get it unlocked before I got back. David though seemed much happier after this bit of defiance and brother torture! Go figure! You gotta love spring break!

Well onto picture time.

Your picture here...........(Day 3)

Flying Pig!

Yes folks....I am humoring my pig whims. I am all about the pig in my house and also outside my house. I found this little gem last year at of all places....Dillons. I just couldn't NOT get him and he has been flying on his little swing in my front yard....ever since.

He is high enough that he can't be reached by passerby's but I notice school kids stopping to watch him swing as they walk home on windy days. Even an adult or two has stopped to point at my little flying pig a time or two.

This little all my pigs brings me great joy and abundant smiles. So my photo today is flying pig!


LisaAnne said...

Love Goodwill!!!!! I was going to suggest that until I read that you landed there at the end of the day.

Cracked up reading about David being impish. Too funny.

Love you!

Thiry said...

I say let David be as loud as he wants to...people need to learn to be more tolerant out in public places..I can't stand rude people...I'm sure nobody else's kids ever made noise..