Saturday, March 26, 2011

Zoo and Hair

It was early (maybe 3ish, 4ish or just plain earlyish) it was hailing. That is twice in the course of three days. I hope this is not a sign of things to come. I don't think my roof can take it. Now it is just cold, rainy and dreary. Oh if only I could just stay in bed and call it good for today. My body is screaming for a real day of just pure rest. It was not thrilled when I told it that "It's not gonna happen!"

I have cheesecakes that I have to deliver to Luciano's (our home town Italian Restaurant) and I have a chair to recover and paperwork to go through. It is not like my schedule is horrid, but it is definitely not a stay in bed and just relax kind of day. Even David is none too exited about pulling himself out of bed. He is very content to watch Spongebob, covered up cozily....drifting in and out of sleep.

Yesterday we did finally make it to the zoo. It was a beautiful day with zero wind and with a was quite comfortable. David seemed really interested in the animals....especially in the petting zoos. He had his hands out touching all the touchable animals and even tried for a couple that weren't so touchable. Z and I both tried getting food for the goats in the American Farm, but they had one rather nasty beast with a horn and half....who knew how to use it. I gave Z money to get the food and of course all the goats were hanging around the food dispenser fighting for their share. Z kept saying ouch and jumping. I couldn't figure out what was going on and there was a line forming behind us, so I said...."Let me do it!" As I took over the procuring of the food, I found out what the ouch was all about. As you would stand there trying to get your hands around the dispenser....Mr. Nasty Goat would take his one long horn and try to gore your hand with it to get you to drop the food. After getting gored twice....enough was enough so I just decided to let Mr. Nasty and his posse starve. I have to say....when all was said and done....I felt a little violated.

Most of the animals at the zoo were out and enjoying the spring day just like the humans, and amazingly it was not as crowded as I thought it would be. David's favorite parts seemed to be the penguins (I got a picture of most of him) that would go underwater and come right up to him in the tank and the fish. He loved the fish. Do we have a Marine Biologist in our future????

Z had a ball and kept the conversation constant and lively. So constant and so lively in fact, that from time to time people just stopped and stared.  I don't remember being a teenager...but I have to wonder if I talked as hard and fast as Z does? Okay...maybe I do remember, and there is the slightest possibility that I was every bit as bad (I will hunt down and hurt anyone who passes this information on to Z). Another reason my poor mother should be sainted.

Apparently we are back to winter or winter like weather for the next few days. I am not pleased, but at least now there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I have gotten to hear thunder a few times recently which gives me real hope for spring. I also have to say, that even though we have had some major wind during spring break, the weather has for the most part cooperated and given us a fairly decent time. I am pretty sad that it is almost over....but then again.....we need to get some structure back into our lives. I am thinking that work will be welcome come Monday!

Your Photo Here.....(Day 5)

My blond haired....ummm....I mean black haired boy!

This entry is going to require two photo's....a before and an after. Z was born with almost white blond hair and bright blue eyes. In fact of all my kids (whom none of them look like me) Z looks the least like me. With his blond hair and blue eyes he has almost white blond eye brows and very fair skin. In the summer, tanning is very hard for him.....although he always burns with ease. Despite his propensity to looking like a lobster in the summer time...I have always loved his blond hair and depending on his mood, his eyes go from a steel gray blue to the brightest ocean blue you have ever seen. They are simply beautiful and quite a contrast to the rest of our household who are dark haired and dark eyed.

Now Z is my artistic soul who loves his music and loves to express himself through his clothes and his style. His music tastes go towards the harder, edgier metal and screamo groups and naturally he tends to emulate their style...which verges on if not falls directly into....the darker emo look. While Z and I have butted heads several times on how far I will let him take his look, I do realize that self-expression is part of growing up and learning who you are, so I try to pick my battles wisely. Apparently who Z currently NOT my blond haired boy....especially not after a box of black hair dye.

While his clothes have a tendency to be on the darker side (like his newly dyed hair) he does know that his look has to be much more conservative going to church on Sundays and he has to throw a colored t-shirt into the mix every now and then just to please his mama! He seems to be good with all of this. He too is picking his battles wisely!

Well....he is rockin' his new look and he seems pretty comfortable in his own skin. And I will admit, the new look is growing on me....a little at a time. However sometimes....when I am feeling a bit nostalgic (for a month ago) I must be honest and say.....I miss my blond haired boy!

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