Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools, Parenting and Spring!

It is 4:30 a.m.! Who gets up at this hour and stays that way? The only time I have ever done 4:30 a.m. was when I milked cows or was going on a trip. Since I am currently neither teet nor highway bound.....then this is just pure madness! If people thought I was a joy come about noon yesterday....they are flat out going to be running for the hills to avoid me today. Four hours of sleep just does not make for a pretty Lisa, either mentally or physically. Everyone in my path I am going to be in for a treat today! is no longer March. We have moved onto April. April 1st to be exact. Happy April fools day! This is traditionally the day when all the pranksters out there spring into action and play little jokes on unsuspecting souls....although how unsuspecting can anyone really be today? After is April Fools Day, shouldn't we all be on our guard? And just a friendly word of advice here.....I pity anyone who try's to "fool" me today. In my current sleep deprived state.....who knows how badly I might take such an event or what part of the said pranksters body might receive my foot after such an act. Just alls have been warned!

Last night was kind of a big one around here.  WSU won! I lost! And once again my parenting skills were put to the test....and I got an "A" for effort but a "D-" for content! This parenting gig is a  tough one! Sometimes I feel like I have a basic idea of what I am doing....I mean after all....I have been doing this parenting thing for more decades than I would like to admit. But then suddenly you remember you don't have an instruction manual and you feel like you have just jumped from a plane without a you have to wing it! I have never been good at winging it and I am sure it shows. And you can't panic. Never panic! They (as in ALL kids) can smell panic and they will take advantage of it and use it against you in a heartbeat. So you have to act calm and cool and as if you know exactly what you are doing, even if it means sticking to a point  like a pit-bull on crack...when in reality you aren't sure you are right. This was the case last night. All ended outwardly fine....but I can't help but wonder if the child went to bed feeling as ambivalent as the parent did? All I can say is.....thank goodness it is Friday!

Today will be a busy one. Working out is at the top of my list since I missed yesterday....along with cheesecake deliveries, oh and the whole job thing too! I might also have mentioned that in a weak moment......I agreed to let a houseful of high school boys spend the night in my basement. It dawned on me last night....just as I was about to drift off to sleep, that the last time I agreed to something so ludicrous, I was awakened at 3 a.m. to a group of boys trying to sneak out and go play hide and seek amongst an unsuspecting town. That did not go over well. Note to self: Z and I will be having a conversation about NO ONE leaving the premises after curfew tonight! I also have yet to prepare for my beginner creative writing/blogging classes tomorrow. I obviously have the same amount of skill as a teacher as I do as a parent. Once again I will likely be winging it! (Smile!)

Your Photo Here.....(Day 11)

Springs Arrival

Well...I knew it would get here eventually....just had my doubts that it would get here before I lost my mind! Yesterday I saw signs my own front yard!

Now mind you, my yard has much to be desired as far as beauty goes, but there were definitely hints that winter may actually be on it's way out and spring maybe here to stay.
Green is starting to show it's delicate head above the cold dirt and amongst the leaves that have blown in and stayed for the winter.

As soon as I am sure that we aren't going to dip way below freezing again (and as soon as I have five minutes that aren't filled with various other duties) I will go out and remove all the leaves and reapply mulch. Mine has dwindled down to nothing!

Well...these delicate looking creatures have withstood the cold and are still standing....not looking too bad for all they have endured. They are a sign that spring is surely in the air and soon they will not be the only ones coming to this little garden party. I really do need to get these beds in order though. Catherine....if you read green thumb is non-existent. I NEED HELP!

And so it is April 1st and according to the photo's, spring is all but here! Here's hoping you have a day full of sun, smiles and joy! Happy Spring!

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