Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday, Loans, Vacations and Loverboy

Thank you God for making it Friday. I sincerely do not believe I could have survived even one more day this week. Not exactly sure what was so difficult about this week, but whatever it has made me feel like a true survivor. I am also not sure why I am thinking it is so great for it to be Friday as from this moment on.....this weekend will move at break neck speeds. It will  all start by getting the kids ready for school, working out, cheesecake deliveries, work, and then starting this evening Z has Esprit try-outs (yay Z) and then play practice and then tomorrow Z has to be up at the school bright and early for state music competition and then tomorrow evening he has a religious retreat he has to go to. Usually Sunday would be our rest day, but something tells me another trip to my dads will be required. By the time I manage to take a full will be Monday again. Oy!

So this morning in my email was finally confirmation that my student loan is FINALLY paid in full. It is about time. It has only taken me 3 years, numerous phone calls and all of my income tax money to do it, but as of today, my Americorps (VISTA) education award went through and the loan is paid. Sadly, if they had paid it two years ago when they were suppose to, I would not have lost my whole return this year and I wouldn't have had my monthly income garnished, all of these months. I guess though, I should just be grateful that it is paid. I still have an ed award balance also which is good until 2016, so if I want to go back to school at any time, this will help cover expenses. There is a real possibility that I might just do that come fall. After all....I really don't have enough going on in my life....why not throw some classes and homework into the mix?

I have been trying to line my summer out. It has been 5 years since the boys and I have been any farther than Wichita. Z is getting older and I don't want to turn around and have him graduating and us not have taken any trips or done anything together as a family. I am thinking that as soon as school is out, we are going to go see my mother in law (I will now know if any of my family reads my blogs.....cause if they do.....I know this will get their attention). I am taking my car in next week to get it serviced and then I am thinking when school is out.....we are gone. We also have yearly family reunion in OK that we have not attended in years. It falls in July and I am thinking that we are going this year. Because of where it is located....we have the versatility of making it either a simple day trip or a weekend get away. I won't know until closer to time.....which will fit our schedule or finances better. boss and his girl friend are going to Vegas in July. It is looking as if we are going to close while they are I am hoping to take the boys to Branson that week. Z has never been and I haven't been since Tim and I went in 1998, so I think it would be great fun. Now I just have to start the "Send the Elams on Vacation" charity.  In the midst of all of this, I hope to throw in some fun stuff like drive-in movies, bbq's and pool parties. I know summer is going to literally race by, but I am hoping that during the race.....we can accomplish some pretty decent memories. And I pray with everything in me that we have a healthy summer this year.......which would be nothing like last summers!

It is still cool enough that in the mornings as I blog, Lil' Green and I are bundled in the red recliner. As I hear the birds outside my window though, I know soon these early mornings will be nice and warm and soon Lil' Green and I will be able to blog on the patio. I can't wait for that! Both LG and I need a change of scenery! is time to actually get this Friday started. I think I will leave you with this video. Berty, Thiry and I got to go see Loverboy in the 80's (no Mike Reno did not sweat on me), but Working For the Weekend was a huge teenage anthem. I must have listened to this song a million times. It didn't hurt that we were in the new age of video's and Mike Reno looked pretty darn good in those tight red pants. So to get your weekend started.....her is Loverboy.....Working for the Weekend!
Happy Friday!

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