Friday, April 22, 2011

A Full on RANT!

It is Good Friday...a special day for me....and a special day for the Christian world. And on this Good Friday....I am mad! Normally....I like to keep things light on this blog, but I am angry and fair's posting is probably going to be anything but light. This is a full on RANT!

You know, I am ashamed of people in this day and age. I am ashamed of what we as a country tolerate and find acceptable. We sit around and wonder why we have kids that bully, kids that try to hurt themselves....even kill themselves because they are bullied, and kids who ultimately try to kill other kids in the act of bullying or because they have been bullied to the point of wanting to do their tormentors in. We wring our hands and say..."I just don't understand," or we turn a blind eye because we are so desensitized to the negativity that we just accept it is part of our culture. Do we ever stop and wonder how it has come to this?  I can tell you how. I got angry beyond words last night when I saw a recent article and I can tell you...sleep has in no way ebbed the anger.

On fb last night....I saw this post. After reading it and listening to the piece by Louis CK, I was literally as angry as I have been in a long time. What is wrong with people today? When did we lose such respect for both ourselves and others that we decided picking on someone weak and defenseless was okay?

Now I know that this is a political thing and apparently we now live in a political world with an "anything goes" mentality. My question though....when did liberals stop seeing conservatives as human beings....and vice versa....and mores the question, when did children (especially special needs kids) suddenly become fair game?

What really upset me most on fb when this article was posted, immediately several liberals jumped on the band wagon and started comparing the remarks in the article to people being "mean" to Obama and demanding he show his birth certificate. REALLY???? You find someone making fun of a special needs child comparable to demanding a grown man (a public figure no less) who is more than capable of taking care of himself show his birth certificate? I was floored. What they were saying is....if  conservatives want to demand that Obama prove his American Citizen ship....then it is perfectly okay for liberals to go after Sarah Palin's little boy! Again...the two are not even remotely comparable and one certainly does not justify the other.

Recently....I have tried to stay politically neutral in what I write about. My conservative views are pretty well known among those who know and love me and I have friends on both sides of the political arena. For the most part...we all see each others as individuals and as more than just our political beliefs and I guarantee you that there isn't a liberal friend that I have that would ever think to say anything negative about or make fun of my son David who is very much special needs. It just never would cross any of their minds. What upsets me though.....was the knee jerk reaction of some liberals to immediately justify such an act to Palin's young son by saying that someone said something mean about if that were some kind of a justification. And let me say right here.....Obama's girls are not special needs...but I guarantee you, if I ever heard anyone...liberal or conservative say anything remotely cruel or unkind about his girls, I would back them off in a heartbeat. Kids are not political puppets who should have to take the brunt of their parents political choices. Kids deserve to be kids and not to have to deal with hateful adults who take potshots at them in order to stick it to their parents. In my opinion....anyone who uses a child in this manner is the lowest form of scum on the planet and should be treated as such.

All this being said....when you have adults who know better than to treat other human beings with such blatant disrespect and are such bully's themselves that they would go after a child and a special needs child at that....what the heck kind of a message do we think we are sending our kids? We are telling them that disrespecting each other is okay. Making fun is acceptable and if it makes you feel good.....pick on and bully the weakest ones you can find. Why as a society are we then shocked when we have Columbines and Jonesboro's? We have taught our kids well and being the sponges that they are.....they have taken the lessons and run with them.

Until we as human beings (not conservatives or liberals) but human beings take a stand and say we will no longer tolerate this behavior, until we turn off the comedians who use others as comic fodder in the most negative and disrespectful ways, and until we turn our backs on those who use children as political pawns and have a no holes barred mentality on bullying and mental cruelty...then we cannot honestly expect our children to follow suit. And maybe we shouldn't forget that.....where our children does our nation.

Okay....I have ranted. Do I feel better? Not really....because this is who we have become....a nation full of bully's who honestly believe that the ends justify the means. And I am sad. I am sad for the world that Z has already had to contend with and for what the future may hold for David. I guess it is just a good thing that I don't plan on running for public office!

Your Photo Here.............(Day 30)

Under the Influence!

Okay....we all know that I am NOT mother of the year. I think this picture of Z confirms that. It is okay though....he would do the same for me if positions were reversed. I felt that since this was the last day of Your Photo Here....that the photo ought to be a good one....and boy is this ever!

This picture is of Z yesterday after they gave him pain meds in the ER. This was the first time since Sunday night that he had been pain free. As you can see...he was truly feeling no pain and the expression on his face is one of pure......... I got nothin'! I have no idea what to compare that expression to. All I know is that it is definitely one for the family album.....not to mention....the blog!

And on that note....I wish you a blessed Good Friday!

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