Thursday, April 21, 2011

God's Plan

Oh what a difference a day makes! I am so hoping that is the case today....cause yesterday was not a pleasant one. I kept Z home yesterday because the night before he was up all night in pain with his "man issues". What started out as pain in one has now moved to both. At any rate, yesterday morning, he could barely walk. He also had try-outs for a talent show and Esprit de Corps which is the show choir for his school. Z has wanted to be in Esprit since he first saw them preform when he was in first grade. He has lived to be in show choir and he has practiced all year for try-outs. Since the try-outs weren't suppose to be until after school.....I told Z he had to stay home but that I would get him a ride up there for try-outs and then I would pick him up when I got off work. This man issue that Z has gotten to the point where it is causing fever and he was so miserable, I just wanted him rested and feeling good for the most important musical moment of his young life.

He was still in pretty bad pain when try out time approached but he made it up to the school. About 20 min. after I knew he was suppose to be there....I got a text from him saying that because he had not been at school yesterday.....he was now ineligible for Esprit. I knew he was upset and I was more than upset. I couldn't believe that the thing he had most wanted had just slipped away this year.....over something he had no control over. Because after thinking about the whole situation, if i had it to do over again....I would still have kept him home. I would have had no choice, it would have been what was best for him and as a parent.....I had to go with that.

After his initial disappointment, he took it all in stride and just said..."it wasn't my time." He like myself (I guess) realizes that this whole thing was taken out of our hands from start to finish. Obviously God has other plans than for Z to be in Esprit this year. Who are we to try and override God? It is what it is and we move on. For Z.....he should be very used to that by now.

Z just got up after being up and down all night. He is no better, still has a fever and can barely walk and he is swollen.
I called the drs. after hours line and his dr. said to take him back into the ER. So I guess after I get David to school, Z and I will be on our way to the ER. I guess this is how my day is going to be. Sounds fun....right? Jealous yet?

The light at the end of the tunnel here? Sunday is Easter....Lent will be over.....and I can have a Diet Mt. Dew. If ever I needed would be this week!

Your Photo Here.............(Day 29)

Friendly Photo

I really like this photo (although it was hard taking a picture of a picture today) for a couple of reasons. One it was taken and made for me by a friend whom I only know through fb, but who knew a while back I was going through a hard time. She is a photographer and does beautiful work work. Here is her blog. I thought this was such a kind gesture to think of me in such away and the words she put on the photo...."Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.(Psalm 37:4) make me smile each time I read them.

The gift was terribly fitting for that time in my life and continues to be one I look at on down days (like today) and pull strength from. As I photo of hers....does not do it justice. Thank you Andrea for thinking of me and giving me such as wonderful gift!

Okay's Thursday....just one more day to go. Here's hoping you have a wonderful and blessed Holy Thursday!


Catherine said...

It seems so unfair he couldn't try out... sometimes I just don't 'get' the system. Your blog look awesome... Love you sweet girl.

Cmom said...

Thank you Catherine. Yeah...the system can really stink sometimes, but I guess it is the little disappointments and losses in life that build character. Poor Zachary is just oozing with character at this point! Love you too!