Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Great Day to Live, Laugh and Love!

Well, the long awaited Saturday is here. Already, we have been up and started our day in a rush trying to get Z to the bus for choir contest. He looked so awesome in his white shirt and black pants. You would have thought that I would have taken a picture....but not this mom. I was too bleary eyed to think of such a thing. This is why I will never be mother of the year.

Yesterday was one of those days that just did not go as planned from start to finish. My first goal was to get up early and get  a 90 minute workout in. I got an hour in and thought I was going to die. Guess that is what happens when you don't work out for a week. BAD LISA! I did have plans of going yesterday evening and walking but as I said.......nothing went as planned. When I went to deliver my cheesecakes to Luciano's.....I tripped coming out of the house and  the cheesecake I was carrying.....went all over my garage. Grace in motion folks.....that is what I am. On the heels of that, the school called to have me come pick Z up. He was still having stomach issues and school was not the place for him. There is a funny story connected with Z and his stomach but I am thinking Z would prefer it NOT be blogged about. Let us just say.....there was no question in anyone's mind that Z's place should be at home.

Then there was the whole finding out about David thing. As I have said before.....I love my neurologist, but he is way over worked. We waited nearly an hour and a half to be told that they wanted some further tests and that they would have to fit us in at the Wichita Clinic. We went to the WC and again....waited for about an hour and a half. This test itself.... took about 15 min. Then they sent us to the WC in Derby for blood work. What they didn't do was fax over orders so that it could actually be done. Again.....sit and wait for orders and then wait for our turn as blood work is done on a first come first serve basis. I was ready to lose my mind and David was not a happy child. He is neither patient nor happy when he has to wait. The whole world knew that David was not a happy camper. When all was said and done.......we found out that David is still having the exact same seizures he was having 6 months ago. Little had changed so....after they get the blood work and new test results back.....he is in for a med change. Praise the Lord. Maybe we are on a more seizure free track.

My day was then rounded out by having to go to Goodwill to see if I could find contest clothes for Z. By the time I got there.....I was literally too tired to function. Let me tell you though....prayer does work! I sat in the car before I went in and asked God (no...actually begged God) ever so nicely to PLEASE have black pants and shoes in Z's size along with black socks and a black belt. I knew the chances of this happening for my short (30 length) guy were slim....but I was on my last leg and David was so beyond shopping it wasn't even funny. So I walked in and went to the mens pants. The first pair of black dress pants I came to were a perfect fit. SCORE! Then to the shoes....I found not one pair but two. Wasn't sure which he would like better or would be more comfortable I got them both. Now for the socks. Actually these were the most important item as the choir teacher was a stickler on black socks. I asked the sales girl if they had black mens socks and she said....."Not usually," but she would help me check. We walked over to the sock rack and low and behold, there were two pair of mens black socks sitting right on top. I grabbed them both. As I walked up to the checkout there were mens belts and a perfect black one was practically jumping up and down begging me to buy it. The whole shopping trip took me 7 minutes and I walked out with everything I needed for a little over $18. Again.....for all you doubters.....prayer does work! By this time we were pushing 6 and I was exhausted. The only place I would be walking....was upstairs to bed. So nothing went as planned, Z and David neither one got in a full day of school, I didn't even make it to work and my ideals of a 90 min. workout were a joke. Still and all though....everything turned out fine.

Another mixed blessing that I wasn't counting on was the storms we ended up having last night. I knew when I was out running yesterday that the air felt stormy. It was typical muggy, warm storm weather. The sky played between sunny and overcast almost smoky looking. Listening to the weather though......we were told that there was only a slight chance for anything in the form of precipitation and if anything would likely go around us. Hmmm.....they got it wrong again. When the first wave of storms hit.....there was lots of thunder and lightening....and guessed it....HAIL! We desperately needed the rain, and I dearly love the thunder and lightening.....but NOT the hail! Not on Z's new car! The first round we were lucky as it was about pea size and lasted only a couple of minutes. Meanwhile....Thiry calls me, and where she lives (about 8-10 miles north and east of us) she is getting baseball size hail. OUCH!

Round two of this storm came a couple of hours later and this time....the hail was much larger...half dollar to golf ball size and it lasted several minutes. Well....Z's car was pretty. Just glancing at it on the way out of the drive this morning it didn't look too bad, but it will definitely need further will my roof. I could just hear that roof taking a beating last night. I love storms.....but I am not a big fan of hail and hail was what last nights show was all about!

Well, much needs to be accomplished today, just not sure if the actions will equal the need. I am still on the housekeeper hunt....but until then, the job is mine and my ambition is about zero. Oh well, a little effort is better than none at all I suppose, so I guess I better get at it.

Your Photo Here.............(Day 18)

Doctors Office Picture!

Today's picture is another one from the neurologists office. This one I like much better than the big castle mural. 

As often as we have been to that office over the years.....yesterday was the first time we were put in this particular room. Usually we end up in either a dinosaur themed room or a fish themed room. Yesterday though.....we just ended up in a pretty generic room. The only outstanding thing in the room was this little picture. 

I loved this picture. This was the kind of thing that if I had seen it at a garage sale.....I would have jumped at the chance to purchase it....without any idea of where I would put it. There is something about those little kids and the puppy...along with the caption that makes me want to hang it in my house. I think it reminds me of my mom and her older brother. What a great Saturday picture. 

So if you think about it today.....Live, laugh, and love. Above! Have a great Saturday!

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