Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Easter is here! Lent is officially over and I can have diet pop any time I want. I have been sitting looking at one off and on since midnight....and yet there it still sits. Am I over my love affair with diet pop? Well....maybe not completely over, but apparently we aren't rushing into anything again. Perhaps later today. I am still going for the water, so maybe Lent not only brought on sacrifice, but also some rehabilitation. Who knows?

Went to mass early this morning and got to sit by one of my favorite aunts. Every time I am around her, my mother I know is never far away. Despite the fact that there were 7 years between them....they were extremely close. This is not to say they didn't have their moments where they fought like cats and dogs (they were Dougherty girls after all) but they were also fiercely protective of each other and they shared a lifetime of memories that were cherished by my mother and which still hold a special place in my aunts heart. Sitting next to my aunt....I see so much of my mother in her and apparently......sitting next to me, she does the same. It was a lovely way to start Easter Sunday and I am so glad God planned it that way.

Yesterday was a pretty good day as Saturdays go. My kitchen got cleaned, I got all the cheesecakes delivered and I got to visit with some old friends that I don't normally get to see. Z helped me to change out the music on my phone (which was not easy task) and now tomorrow.....I am ready to get down with my bad self when I work out. I simply cannot work out without music (especially on the elliptical) but I needed some fresh stuff. Not necessarily new....just new to me. I am now equipped with everything from Frank Sinatra and Patsy Cline to Styx and Panic at the Disco. I think I have pretty much covered every era, every genres, and every mood I could possibly want to choose from in my work outs. Now I have no excuses not to be motivated. Thanks Z for all your musical, not to mention technical knowledge.

Well.....we are off to spend Easter with my family. Not sure how it is going to go since I was first of all told to bring dessert, but told NOT to bring cheesecake. Grrrr So they are getting store bought from me. I could have made something....but I think I felt a little rebellious after the no cheesecake remark. And second I was commanded to bring Z's car and let Z drive to Wichita. Ummm....NO! Z is not ready to drive to Wichita AND (and this is a big one) if Z were to get stopped, I would get a ticket for allowing him to drive and it could endanger his ability to get his license. I have tried to explain this to said family members.....but they just don't get it. I refuse to argue about it or break the law, so I guess they are just going to have to deal with it. Again....look at me being all rebellious and stuff. Bet your jealous that you don't get to spend Easter with my family! I'll trade ya! No REALLY!!! I will trade you! No takers? Figures!

I guess it is time to go do the family thing. I hope you all have a very wonderful and blessed Easter full of family and of course....CANDY! I will now leave you with this video. 

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