Thursday, April 28, 2011

If Mama Ain't Happy........

It is not even 6 a.m. and I am already contemplating running away! How is that for a great start to a Thursday? The only saving grace here IS Thursday. If this were say Monday or Tuesday, I think I might just get to running.

I think by now, for those of you who take the time to read my know that I love my kids. Sometimes I actually adore them. This morning not one of those days. Oh I still love them, but what is the opposite of adore?

Why do kids (meaning teenagers) have such issues with listening and actually doing? My fifteen year old can remember cheats to a video game, lyrics to a song he hears once and a conversation we had six months ago about something he wanted to do.........but he can't remember something I asked him to do five minutes ago. If I hear the words...."I forgot" just one more time, I am pretty sure I am going to lose what is left of my already fragile mind. I am also not particularly fond of asking him to fold and put away laundry, only to find the laundry not touched.....but by gosh he switched out his room (furniture and all) for a bigger room downstairs. And he then looks at me like "why are you mad? After all....I may not have done what you asked, but I did something." I want to scream, except for the fact that if I screamed every time he did this cr@p, I would be perpetually hoarse.

I am also one of those mothers who if you make me mad, you will suffer and you will suffer A LOT. Take for instance this morning. I am mad because things weren't done before bed time last night that were suppose to be done. Mmmmm...k! So when mama ain't happy.....Z gets to get up when mama gets up (5ish) and finish his work. This makes Z a very unhappy young man....but at some point in time, I am hoping that he learns the lesson (do what your told when you are told to do it) and then you won't lose an hour of sleep. So far, the lesson has not sunk in.....but in my mother's heart, hope always springs eternal. And I know what you are thinking...sucker!

I refuse to be one of those parents who unleashes on the unsuspecting world, a child who can't carry through on a job, show responsibility, take initiative and most importantly ......pick up after himself. In my opinion....there are entirely too many of those types running around out there as it is. I will not add to the already growing numbers. I have also tried to tell him that this isn't the 1950's. There are not young girls out there just dreaming of the day when they can pick up after him. In fact, in this day and age, being a pig can be a real deal breaker in a relationship. Besides....I will not have some girl spend her adult years hating me because I didn't teach my son to put down a toilet seat or put his dirty underwear in the laundry. While I do love Z to death....he is definitely a work in progress!

Well today is weigh in....which means work out. I hope to get a good one in before I have to face the scales. Hopefully I am a teensy bit closer to my goal. Today is also going to be filled with work, meetings and cheesecake.....and with any luck, hopefully I won't feel the need to kill anyone before the day is out. Again...hope springs eternal.

And speaking of hope, that is what today's video is about. While the video itself is a bit strange, I love the song. So I leave you with Sing from My Chemical Romance.
Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

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