Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Interesting and Chenille

What an interesting week it has been so far....and today is only Wednesday. Actually....most of the interesting has come from Z's part of the world. So far he has been to the ER (I tagged along cause....well....I had to drive), a teacher at his school had what was first thought to be a stroke, then reported as a heart attack, but then turned out to actually be a staggering jump in blood pressure. It happened during school and freaked a lot of kids out. Luckily he got his bp regulated and seems to be fine now. Then yesterday.....there was  a drug bust at the HS where all the students were put on lock down and all lockers and cars were searched. This then resulted in several arrests. Today Z has try outs for a talent competition and the show choir (Esprit). Needless to boy is a bundle of nerves. Luckily for him.....this is only a 4 day week, so hopefully any shattered nerves will have three days to repair.

Here we are over half way through April. Time is just whizzing by. I know there are kids out there thinking time is moving excruciatingly slow and that summer vacation is never going to get here. But I know that if I blink my eyes too will be time for school to start again.....and I will have accomplished nothing. Life just seems to be moving at such break neck speeds and I can barely catch my breath. A wise man once told me (at least he said he was wise), that if we slowed down in our daily lives and didn't try to be it all and do it all.....time wouldn't seem to speed by so quickly. But when you constantly try to fill every minute of every day with something.....soon it appears there simply isn't enough time to do it all and therefore time seems to speed out of control. We are all given the same 24 hours a day.....but how we choose to spend those hours will ultimately decide how fast or slow life seems. Maybe this is true. Maybe with all we expect from ourselves, our families, co-workers, those around us and life in general.....maybe we do cause time to seem to spin out of control. Maybe a step back and a little breathing room would help us all out. And as soon as I get an extra moment.....I might just try that!

Yesterday was the 16 year anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing. I feel horrible for not mentioning it yesterday....but my 5 a.m. blogging sometimes causes a bit of a murky mind set not always allowing me to think as clearly as I might....say around 10 a.m. At any rate.....I did think about this tragedy throughout the day and remembered the horror of that day all those years ago. It was a day I will never forget even being a state away and it was a day that changed lives, families, a city and a country forever. It made us blatantly aware that in a country as great as the USA...there are still those who would like to see us destroyed from the inside out. In a way.....16 years ago today.....America lost its innocence and had it's eyes opened to pure evil.....and hate. To all the survivors, victims and family members of heart still breaks for you and you will forever remain in my thoughts and prayers. April 16, 1995!

Well....just two more days and we will have completed yet another week. Perhaps we should each try and take my wise friends advice and take a few minutes to slow down and recharge. Unless of course you are trying to get through this week at break neck speeds.....and if this is the case, then I say to you were!

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The Robe!

I am about to shatter all images one might have of me blogging away looking fetching in some cute pj's or some slightly sexy gown. Nope folks....that swatch of orange chenille is actually my leg wrapped in my robe. ugly orange robe is what I wear when all these literary works of art are created.

I know! I know! You all are desperately wondering where you too can find such an awesome piece to add to your wardrobe. Well....the fact is....this is garage sale fodder. One early Sat. morning in the fall several years ago I was headed to a little league football game. It was chilly and of course....I hadn't dressed appropriately. As I was on my way to the game, I saw a garage sale sign and my car being trained as it is.....immediately stopped. I walked in and the first thing I saw was this beauty. It looked so warm....and I was so cold and for $.25 it was mine. I proudly draped myself in it and was warm throughout the game.....yes Z was embarrassed down to his very toes to see me covered in an orange robe watching his game. But that robe was all that kept me in the stands and not trying to watch the game from half a mile away in my car.

Since......this is my go to piece of attire when it is chilly in the house and I need warmth. Every morning, me, my recliner, Lil' Green and my orange chenille robe gather together to blog. So now you know....again....much more than you ever wanted to know about me. My work here is finished. Hope you have an awesome Wednesday!

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