Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's All About Me....Oh....and Heels

Yesterday was very interesting.....but also extremely awesome in so many ways. First the classes at BCCC for Free Class Day. It was wonderful. I taught the same class at three separate times throughout the day. Two of the classes were fairly large and one had only 3 people. All of them though, went very well and were so much fun. Okay.....let me back track here. They were oodles of fun for me.....the people who had to sit through my classes though....hmmmmm! They had to listen to me tell stories about creative writing, blogging....and of,  for an hour. Not sure if that qualifies as fun on most peoples fun scale, but it sure was right up my alley. If I wasn't lacking the whole degree thing....I would love to do that every day! Since said degree is not currently in place.....I will just have to be satisfied with once a year!

I was amazed that out of all the people in all my classes (well over 30), only one person had a blog. REALLY???? I got to share my blog with the classes as well as some blogs that I follow so that the classes could get a real feel about blogging and see just how creative blogging can be. By the way.....I follow some awesome blogs! That's know who you are!

After I left Andover (BCCC)  and was almost to Derby so that I could go grocery shopping.....I got a text from Z that my dad wanted me at his house ASAP! Honestly.....turning around and going to Wichita was the last thing I wanted to do. I wanted to go grocery shopping (not really....but I needed to) and then I wanted to go home and relax. I wore my cute heels again yesterday....and after 6+ hours in them.....the cute had worn off and I was in much need of flats. I was also almost on empty (gas wise) so had to make a QT stop. Finally....I made it to Dad's where he told me that we were going to go look at a car for Z. A CAR FOR Z???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I am not mentally prepared for this step in my sons life.

Hoping my mental anguish was not apparent.....I loaded Dad up and off we went. Have I ever mentioned just how much I HATE car shopping??? I do not like anything about the experience from the having to make up your mind about type, color, options, etc., to having to haggle about price. offense to anyone.....but I am just not a fan of most car salesmen. I would rather stick a hot poker in my eye than deal with any of this on a good day.....let alone a day when I had already put in a full day. Add the shear joy of going anywhere with my father (he has no boundaries, no filter, and no ability to understand that when I glare at means "'ve said too much!") made the whole experience doubly special. After 4 hours of orneriness from my father, salesmen thinking my father was a hoot and egging him on, and 150 mph KS wind... we finally signed the paperwork on Z a new car. to him. It is actually a 2000 Toyota Corolla with 60k miles on it. It was a lease car and then a one owner car after that. With luck....this new addition to our household should last Z through school and maybe a bit beyond. Guess we should now get Z his permit being that he has a car and all.

Once all was said and done....I still had to go to the grocery store.....and I finally made it home  about 8:30. I was toast! I don't remember being that tired in a long time. Suffice it to bed could have been made of bricks last night....and I would still have slept like a baby!

Yes....I am getting this out late today....because I went to church...then had to go to Walmart. Blogging kind of took a back seat today. But rest assured....I am here.....and there WILL be a blog!

I was thinking to myself this morning while I sat in church....just how happy and thankful I am right now. I have a sort of peace that I haven't had in awhile. Not sure where it is all coming from...whether it is that I am just doing a better job of taking care of myself, or whether it is from  actually handing things over to God and not worrying so much....or if quite possibly it is simply the weather. Whatever it is though.....I like it and want to hold onto it for as long as I can. Feeling truly good about everything is such a foreign feeling for me that I really don't want to give it up!

After getting home this morning....I opened the paper to find that an old friend of mine had died on Friday. Long ago and in what seems like another life.....Berty, Thiry and I met a group of people from the Goddard/Clearwater, KS area. I believe it was in our Pogo's day's (an old Wichita bar) where we met the G/C crew. There were several families of kids.....all farm kids and we had the best times hanging out with them. One of the sweetest guys though was Gerald. He was just always nice and kind, kind of shy, but  so much fun to be around. Time wore on and we all eventually went our separate ways, but I have always held a special place in my heart for the G/C gang. Awhile back....I ran into one of his brothers on fb. He told me that Gerald had been having some health issues, but they had hopes he would do better. Apparently a recovery was not to be the case. When I saw his obit today.....I immediately felt such a wave of sadness....obviously for the family and the wonderful man they lost, but also....for what will never be. We will never all be able to get together again for old times sake,  have a beer and talk about our wild times at various parties, dances at Clonmel, three wheeling by the train tracks, late night breakfasts at Gerrards, or playing quarters at Mutt and Jeffs. I will never again be able to see Gerald's handsome face or watch him blush as us girls teased him....and it makes me very sad. are a wonderful memory.....and you will be truly missed.  RIP Gerald Fasbender.....God got a good one on Friday!

Your Photo Here.....(Day 13)

Cute shoes!

Since I mentioned the cute shoes....I guess that a picture would make a good photo for today.

I just love these little shoes....but for awhile.....I am almost embarrassed to say, my feet were a little too chunky for them. Ahhh....who am I kidding? My feet were fat and thus they didn't fit. I felt like I had foot fat spilling out over the edges. Yeah.....see if that doesn't leave a mental picture? Anyway....I tried them on a few days ago....and walla....they fit. No foot fat spillage. Since, I have worn them over and over again.

The heel is high enough to put an inch or two on me (taller people look less fat) but not high enough to cause me to fall on my face. They are super comfortable too (up to but not to exceed 6 straight hours of wear and not if worn two days in a row!) I just love them and they can be dressy or casual. picture is about cute heels! Your probably wondering....what next? Who knows....but the only way to find out for sure is to catch tomorrows blog! Happy Sunday all!

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