Friday, April 8, 2011

It's Friday....I Need a Housekeeper....and Pink Toes!

It's Friday!!!!! Were there ever any more glorious words spoken???? We made it! To recap....I have made it through a new car, family going crazy over the new car, Z being sick, David having seizures, an EEG, a week long headache and a week without exercise. It actually seems like there is more, but perhaps I am just thinking of my inner demons that I have tried to squelch. At any rate....all was survived and it is Friday......glorious Friday! 

While today is going to be a busy doesn't even really matter. There is light at the end of the tunnel (i.e. Saturday) so I am good with knowing that my plate is full today.....for tomorrow I relax (or clean, or work on the chair....). Amongst taking David back to the neurologist to find out yesterdays EEG results, working, delivering cheesecakes and finding out if my student loan company has as of yet received my education award (third time has got to be the charm), I also plan on trying to fit in a 90 minute workout. I have set some lofty goals for my self to reach by the end of May and I have to really up my game to get there.

Being that I have been running around like a dancing chicken this week (I originally said headless chicken......but dancing is funnier!), it is not surprising that a few things have fallen through the cracks. One of those things has been the fact that Z has choir contest this weekend.  Last night upon doing an inventory of what he needs to attend.....we realized that out of the white shirt, black pants, black socks and black shoes that he needs.....he has a white shirt. Oy! So this means that after work tonight I will be going clothes shopping. is Friday....right?! 

I have made a decision about my life. As anyone who has been following my antics since the beginning of this year knows....I have been trying to make some positive changes. Sometimes I hit the mark head on and other times I have had some major fails, but still I keep trying. Through it all I am learning and one of the things that I am learning is.....I am not Wonder Woman! Not even close! And part of changing and growing is knowing your limitations and making the most of what you have got. I also can't compare myself to someone else as they don't have my life....and I don't have theirs. I know there are women out there that appear to the world that they can work, cook, clean, be part of the PTA, raise their families, head up charities and still have time to get their nails done.....but what is actually behind that facade? I'm thinking uppers and lots of booze....but what do I know? As for me....I simply have come to the realization that cannot do it all. If I try then important things start falling through the cracks, I get tired.....really tired, and everyone and everything starts to suffer. I just can't keep letting that happen. One of the things that drives me to distraction and keeps me perpetually irritated is my house and it's cleanliness. I have to have a clean house. It is not merely a my advanced has become a need. And when my house is not clean (which is constantly) I get really *unpleasant to be around. (*unpleasant being a euphemism for mean, nasty, irritable, grouchy, crazy, insane, and no fun to live with!) Honestly....I am tired of being all those yesterday I made the executive decision to........hire a housekeeper. I will have to make a lot of cheesecakes to afford this luxury, but I think it will definitely be worth it. I am hoping a thorough cleaning about 4 times a year and then weekly maintenance in between ought to keep my house anxiety at bay. Who knows....maybe my family will like me better too! So I am currently on the hunt for a housekeeper. I think the key to finding the right person will be finding someone who doesn't come into my house and faint. I need someone who will look at me and say....."It's okay honey.....we can fix this!"  but not charge me an arm and a leg for the demolition and rebuild. Does anyone out there charity clean? sigh It should be interesting to see how this change pans out!

So as I write this....I hear Z in the downstairs bathroom........throwing up! It's Friday.....and that is a good thing......right?

Your Photo Here.............(Day 18)

The color!

I know this is a weird picture.....someone elses foot, but I LOVE this color! Have you ever seen a prettier color? This is my coworker (Becca's) foot. When she came in with that color on her toes....I just knew I had to have it. I also knew if I didn't take a picture of it, I would never be able to describe or pick out that color when I went to get my toes done.

Does that color just not make you happy? I am pretty sure that if I had that color on my toes, I would be darn near invincible and that the week I sported it.....would be glorious. Yes...that color just makes me feel that good!

So folks....if in the next week or two you see me smiling from ear to ear and happily skipping along, be sure and look down at my toes. Yep.....I'm pretty sure we all know what color you will find!

Have a happy Friday!