Monday, April 25, 2011

It's Monday and I am California Dreaming

There is a slow and steady rain coming down with rolling rumbles of thunder in the distance. I don't believe that this is what I ordered for my Monday morning. Don't get me wrong....if this were Monday night or any morning in which I could sleep in...I would be in heaven, but when we are dealing with a morning I have to get up and get moving.....and a Monday morning at that,'s just not right. All I want to do is crawl back in bed and sleep, until the sun shines. Not gonna happen....I know!

Yesterdays family event was okay. A certain member did not disappoint. I decided to count to myself all acts of negativity, rudeness and total disregard for others feelings that he chose to spew. I think records were broken as  we hadn't been there five minutes and at least five times his cup raneth (it's Monday....leave me alone) over with all the above. That is pretty much an insult a minute. You gotta admit.....he is good! I think I lost count after about 30 plus incidents, especially when it was within our first hour there. He was in rare form.....even for him. We survived though. The rest of the time wasn't too bad. We were able to pull a little levity into the situation and as we all know.....if you can find humor in a situation, then the situation is not a total loss.

One of yesterdays high points was watching David interact with his little 2 year old cousin. It was so fun. With Ayden there is always a little awkwardness at first when people invade his space. Especially if the invader wants attention from the people that normally dote soley on him. Add the fact that someone also wants to play with his toys and there can be a little territorial behavior put into play. Gradually though....the awkwardness turns to interest when he realizes that this invader actually wants to play with him. Once the two got acclimated to each other, they started having fun. A is at a mimicking stage, so everything David did....A copied. When David realized what was going on, he loved it and went out of his way to clap, spin in circles and yell out....just so A would do the same. The two chased each other on their knees....crawling at break neck speeds through out the house and cackling as they went. It was fun watching the two of them relate  and even more fun for me watching David and knowing that he realized "he" was the leader in this situation. Both played so hard that they ended up just collapsing before all was said and done. I couldn't help but think to myself that for kids, this is the way holidays should be. Families getting together regardless of how dysfunctional they might be and cousins playing together and laughing until they wore themselves out. I got that as a kid, and I love the fact that David got a taste of that yesterday. I would have to say that the positive far out weighed the negative yesterday, regardless of someones efforts....and it turned out to be a pretty good Easter!

Well the rain is no longer just rain with low rumbles of thunder. It is now rain with LOUD crashes of thunder and ominous streaks of lightening. Again....sleeping would fit so much better with this weather than actually getting up and having to be productive. Apparently though no one felt the need to consult me on today's weather, so I will just have to go with it. I guess I need to finish getting ready and then go workout. After all....I do have new music to workout by and I do need to get my work out on.

Here's hoping that today is not too much of a Monday, that you stay dry, safe and that you can share at least one hug.....with someone you love. Have a great day!

And so we end today's blog with a favorite Beach Boys video of mine. This was originally done by the Mama's and the Papa's and when the Beach Boys decided to remake it, they invited the surviving members of the Mama's and the Papa's to make guest appearances throughout the video. It is a rather stark looking production, much like today....but I so love the song and I love the fact that Brian Wilson is a part of all of this. So on this wet, rainy Monday, I give you......California Dreaming!

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