Monday, April 11, 2011

It's Monday....Make it Amazing!

It is Monday again. I really tried to hide from it, but I am thinking Sunday ratted me out. Sigh....I guess I will just go with it.

I honestly have to say that this weekend was probably the most unproductive weekend in history. Accept for doing what absolutely had to be done and  of course......coloring my hair, I really accomplished nothing. It had it's good and bad points. The good is.....I feel pretty good going into this week. The bad.....I feel lazy.....which is never a good way for me to feel.

I have been doing a lot of sneezing this weekend and even this morning. I guess this means that with the blooming of the flowers....comes my bloomin' allergies. I have been taking Zyrtec for a couple of years and that seems to help some, but I feel like I am on the verge of an attack. I have my netty pot ready.....just in case.

Our government decided to actually do some work and not shut down on Friday. I am sure we have only just begun to hear the fighting from Capitol Hill on the budget, but at least soldiers will get paid and people won't be furloughed indefinitely while those yahoos try and fight out their differences. Can you imagine working some place for a period of time and doing your job well and then find out you are considered non-essential to your employer and your government? I don't think I would much care for it and unless they were paying me a 6+ figure salary, with some awesome benefits.....I think I just might have to be looking for another job. But at least for now....the government goes do peoples jobs.

The boys and I went driving yesterday. Well....actually it was Z who was driving. The middle school parking lot is an excellent place on a Sunday to practice driving and parking. I have been taking Z out off and on since he was 12 or 13, but it has been awhile since last we were out. I was pleasantly surprised. I only hit the non-existent Mom Brake...a couple of times and only white knuckled the door handle once...and those reactions were more about me and my desire not to die than they were a reflection on his driving. He actually did well enough that I let him drive back and forth to the house a couple of times. He seems pretty comfortable behind the wheel. Maybe those driving video games weren't so bad after all.

According to the forecast....spring is really here. The week ahead looks to be warn if not sunny every day. This brings on that double edged sword that I seem to forget about every year. This weekend I got to battle two yellow jackets that made their way indoors. For most this is not a problem....but for David and I it can be a doozy. Both of us are allergic to these little stingers with wings and David has no fear which caused him to get stung previously. He will touch and mess with them not realizing they can hurt him. I am not exactly sure how these creatures are getting in my house but I am assuming they are either sneaking in when someone opens a door or it could be my windows. I have old aluminum storm windows which don't fit tightly where they should and over years the screens have developed holes. I desperately need new windows. Anyone know any window companies that want to use a house to showcase their work. I would gladly be their guinea pig if it meant new windows? Until then.....I do my best to watch the doors and keep the holes patched. I am not quite ready to break down and turn on the air for the year.....just yet.

Today is the day we should find out about Davids test and know which direction we are going with meds. Hopefully adding a new one and changing up the old ones will put us on the track to a seizure free summer. I do have plans this summer.....the biggest one being NOT going to the ER or hospital for any reason! Lets see if that plan comes to fruition.

Your Photo Here.............(Day 20)

Behind Bars!

Today's picture is one I found from about late 2002 or early 2003. We still lived in our mobile home probably here in Mulvane and David was about 2 or 3. This was when I really started to understand just how much bunk the drs. diagnosis of David being nothing but a vegetable was.

I walked into Davids room one day after a nap and this is what I found. He was sitting up watching tv and he had pushed his legs through the bars. This became his favorite position for the rest of the time he had that crib. Not only could he put his legs through the bars....he could also pull them back out again. Not bad for a kid with cerebral palsy.

David has always gone out of his way to show the drs. no ceiling will ever be put on his abilities. He continues to grow and amaze....just like in this picture.

And on that note.....I hope you have an amazing Monday!

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Becca Rowden said...

Wyatt does the same thing with his legs! I love it!