Saturday, April 2, 2011

Just Call Me UnCool and Busy

Well Teenapolooza 2011 (at least for April) is almost at an end. Except for a couple of times when they obviously lost their minds and thought they were at a concert causing a need for earplugs amongst the neighbors, all went well. They went karaoking and were home on time and apparently were fairly quiet afterwards....either that or I was simply too tired to hear them.

I have not as yet gone down and done a body count, nor have I checked out the fallout from last nights little adventure, so it may be too early to call, but I am going to go out on a limb and say that as teenage sleepovers go......this wasn't too bad. I did however line them all up when I got home and let them know I was NOT a cool mom. In fact....that I was just the opposite and if I heard my front door open at 3 a.m......someone was gonna get hurt! Z in all of his teenage embarrassment over having such a mother, backed up the fact,  that YES, I was capable of bodily harm so it would be wise if they all listened to me. Apparently no one wanted to test the waters and find out just how unCOOL I could no one came up out of the basement last night and all my doors (and windows) stayed closed and unexited!

I survived the week! I say this like it was an was! This last week was tough for me. I am thinking it was because I was off those 5 days before and also because at the start of the week I didn't feel great. Truth be told....I didn't really feel like I was completely back to me until yesterday. Before that....I was just going through the motions and feeling lost along the way. Maybe the turn around came yesterday because the sun was finally shining...or maybe I was just too sleep deprived to give a rats tookus about anything. Whatever the case.....the work week is over....and I survived!

What is in store for my weekend? You know you want to know! Well....there is teaching, grocery shopping, cheesecake making, house cleaning, walking, project finishing....and maybe...if I am lucky.....a nap! Needless to say, this weekend is a busy one. I will blink and it will be Monday. I do however hold out hope that there will be a weekend in the near future that busy will be considered a BAD four letter word and I will just be able to relax. But until least the sun is going to shine and it is going to be maybe....just maybe....that will keep my whining to a minimum!

Your Photo Here.....(Day 12)

BCCC Free College Day

Today's photo depicts something I have grown accustomed to doing yearly and really love. Today is Free Class day at Butler County Community College and in the picture is one of the bags and one of the T-shirts that I get each year for teaching a class at Free Class day.

I can't really remember how it came about that I was asked to teach a class. I think I was at a non-profit fair and I ran into someone, who knew someone who had read some of my work and wondered if I would be interested in sharing my knowledge of creative writing. Would I?! Me being able to talk about me....and my writing too? Where do I sign up? That's all it took and I have been doing it every since.

The first year I did it I taught one class. The next couple of years I taught two. This year it will be three. We will see if anyone shows up. This year I will  not only be talking about the basics of creative writing...but I will also incorporate blogging into the mix. After all....I might as well bring my classes into the 21st century.

If you are in the area and have not tried a Free Class day at really ought to. They are so much fun. They have classes on everything from gardening, to belly dancing and couponing to tax preparation. The best part is...they are FREE!

Well....I am off. It is time to finish preparing for my class......and to get this day started. Happy Saturday ya all!

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