Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Man Things, the Weather and Cheesecake

Sometimes I think certain things.....only happen in my world. Now intellectually I know this is not true.....but when have you known me to be too intellectual about anything? Last night we ended up back in my favorite place.....the ER. It had been over 6 months since last we were there and I was really kind of proud of that record, but leave it to Z to go and break it. Yep....we went because of Z....not David. And I must say, between Z's double bout of mono and his never ending ear infection, he has given David a run for his money where the ER is concerned. At any rate...I had to leave work early and rush him back in. Z's trouble this time.....man issues, in the form of possible testicular torsion. It turned out NOT to be that but rather a secondary infection from the ear infection he had last week. And yes....down there. I guess you can get a secondary infection anywhere in your body. Who knew? Antibiotics and pain meds.....and we were on our way home. Thank God it was nothing more and REALLY thank God that he didn't end up having to have surgery.

Remember a few days ago when I adamantly proclaimed....."I don't need a man?" Well I realized yesterday when we were dealing with Z's pain....which actually started Sunday night (we just thought he had pulled something)....that maybe a man would be nice to have a round from time to time. I am sure Z would much rather have a man to go to with certain "intimate" details of his life...like pain down under....rather than have to discuss such things with Mom....who just happens to be a girl. It is times like this that you realize....no matter how you try, you can never be both mother and father to a child. Sometimes issues require one or the other.....but the two are not inner changeable. I do not have the biological make-up to know about that kind of pain, things getting twisted, or anything else about the male equipment.....and really the boys don't have anyone else to go to. So we get stuck in this awkward situation of he needs to tell me things.....I need to hear them....but neither of us knows what to do with the information from that point on. Sadly, because I really had no idea what was going on with him (I suspected he might either have pulled something lifting David.....or he had a possible hernia)  I told him to ask his PE teacher what a hernia looked and felt like (a testicular hernia). I figured being a PE teacher.....he surely had to have seen one a time or two and could give Z some point of reference and possibly something to compare his issue to. Luckily Z talked to the coaches at the high school about it and they took away any embarrassment and suggested he get it looked at sooner rather than later because if it was something severe....he could lose his reproductive ability. Thank you coaches for doing what I as a mother could not. So I am thinking.....maybe a man in my life might be more necessary than I think. At least from time to time.

Well now that I am sure Z is squirming with uncomfortableness over this blog (luckily he doesn't read the blog very often....lol) what shall I discuss next? How about the weather? We can now all look at our shoes uncomfortably (after those last two paragraphs) and move onto something subject changing and a whole lot less awkward. We are due for yet another weather change. I don't believe it is to be as drastic as last Friday (man it was cold that day), but it is suppose to be cool and rainy for a few days. I know this will make the farmers happy....and the fireman too as this will cut the fire threat immensely. And the last couple of days we haven't been dealing with the extreme wind....so that is also nice. I guess I just get a little tired of the warm/chilly roller coaster that seems to be keeping everyone sick lately. Of course....what do I have to complain about? A little cooler weather? Not really....especially when I hear that the upper midwest is going to be getting more SNOW! I guess I will take my low 60's and rain over that April snow any day of the week.

Well, I have gone from the embarrassing to the mundane.....I guess my work here is finished. Here is hoping that your Tuesday is so much better than Monday was....but not nearly as great as Wednesday hopes to be!

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I think I have mentioned on here....once or twice........or a bzillion times, that I make cheesecakes and this being the week of Easter....my baking skills are going wild. Cheesecake appears to be a holiday favorite and come tomorrow, my little oven will be doing over time.

The truth is, I so love making cheesecakes. It has become something that is relaxing to me and I love making something that I know someone else is going to truly enjoy. Now I didn't come out of the womb knowing how to make them. In fact, there was a time that if it wasn't microwavable....I simply couldn't (wouldn't) make it. My kitchen skills were less than zero.

After I met my husband (who was an excellent cook) we started catering and with our catering....he decided that I needed to learn to bake cheesecakes. It was a slow and tedious (not to mention expensive) process to try recipe after recipe and play with ingredients and oven temps and cooking times....but finally I came up with a recipe that everyone liked. Since that point in time I have added on flavors and sizes and come up with a nice little relaxing hobby.

I have been making cheesecakes well over 15 years, but only with my appearance on fb (in the last couple of years)  and the ability to promote myself through that site.....have my cheesecake requests taken off. Who knew that a girl who started out not even being able to boil water....would someday be making cheesecakes? Life is just kind of amazing sometimes!

Until we meet tomorrow.....have a great Tuesday!

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