Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oops! And WWIII

It is looking like it is going to be one of "those" kinds of days. David promptly had a seizure this morning and Z is in anything but a good mood. I myself could spit nails.....but at least the sun is shining! You look for your positives where you can I guess. And may I take this moment to say.....the teen years suck!

Last night I had a huge Oops! moment when someone asked me about how my March Adventures turned out and what I was doing for April. She said...."Did I miss your post on how your chair and plants turned out?" Ummm yeah.....well, funny thing, they kind of fell to the wayside. Actually the plants didn't...but the chair did. Anyway.....I guess I should update you all.

You may have noticed that my blog wasn't out bright and early like it normally is. And although you may not be aware of this....there has been four hours lapse between my ending of the last paragraph and starting this one. The reason why? Because the stress of the last few days finally boiled over and culminated into WWIII light! I say light because it ended with a ceasefire and both sides retreated. Will the battle resume again tonight? Who knows, but I am hoping that by then....both sides will have had time to cool down and maybe rethink their positions. At any rate...for now, the battle has subsided and everyone is where they need to be, doing what they need to do for the time being.

Now back to my Oops! and MA! As I was saying, the chair kind of ended up unfinished. I got everything I needed to do it....and the chair and all supplies are still waiting to be done. They sit in my room as a daily reminder of what I need to complete. Hopefully....April will be completion month and then I will be able to move on.

The plants. I did in fact get the seeds and the starting tray.....and I got everything planted. Here is the tray I chose and for the most part...I really like it. The only draw back was that it took a ton of both water and time to get those little individual seed containers ready to be planted. Once ready though...they took the seeds nicely.

What seeds you ask? Well I chose seeds of things my family can't get enough of during the summer. I got cucumbers (my kids would rather eat cucumbers than candy), tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, and dill. Tomatoes are something I never tire of and could eat morning noon and night. Nothing says summer like tomatoes. The jalapenos are for Z as he loves making salsa and finally, the dill is for everything I love to cook. I put dill in everything from fish dishes to salad dressings. So this year...we will be growing our own.

I got all the seeds prepared and planted on March 22nd.

                                                                          March 28th

April 1st

And finally....this (picture to the right) is what I got to see this morning. The plants are really coming along and pretty much ready to be planted. I am thinking this is a job for this weekend if I can fit it in between battles and other various forms of BS that are quickly becoming my life. (May I just say....I curse the new car!) Do I sound bitter....cause I really think I am?!

Okay...I am behind but I am hoping to get caught up. So here's the April Adventures will (for now) be getting my March Adventures caught up. Now how's that for rationalization and making a positive into a negative? Of course if May comes and I am still trying to work on March....we might be looking at a problem!

Your Photo Here.............(Day 16)

The car!

Since this stupid car has been the cause of so much strife and upheaval in my home and thus spilling over to my blog, I guess that I should then show you what the fuss is all about. So here is the car! It is a 2000 Toyota Corolla. It is actually a pretty color and doesn't have many bells and whistles, as it is a 2000. The big selling point for me was the carfax, the low miles and the fact that it had been a lease car and then a one owner car after that. It has obviously been taken extremely good care of.

I am hoping that after all that we have been through with this car; peoples attitudes and reactions and all the other fun stuff that has gone along with this....that someday we can look at that car as a good thing. For now though....not so much!

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