Monday, April 18, 2011


It is Monday and my mind set upon arriving at this day is neither happy nor is merely determined. For the Christian world it  is the beginning of Holy Week....a time of thought and reflection, abstinence (from meat), and sacrifice. It is a time when it would do a selfish world good to reflect upon the fact that Jesus gave up His own life so that we might all have eternal life. Believe me......this thought won't be far from my thoughts this week. It is a week tied to many miracles in my life and in my family....especially Good Friday. Yes....this will definitely be a week of reflection for me.

Today I am feeling extremely I thought I would just put forth some random thoughts this morning. So....this is me being randomly random....with a few random thoughts.

I haven't watched Extreme Home Make Over in a long time, but last nights was about the Carl Hall family. Carl is a bit of a hometown hero in the Wichita area, but his real story is the fact that he was in a horrible car accident causing his neck to be broken and paralysis from the shoulders down. His life in a matter of moments changed and a once strong, independent man became dependent up on others to do even the smallest things for himself. His home suddenly became inaccessible for him and even the rented condo they moved into with a better layout was not meeting his needs. So Ty Pennington and the EHMO crew came in and worked their magic. The resulting home gave Hall back his independence right down to being able to pitch baseballs to his young son, and it gave his family  a place to really be a family and focus on each other.....rather than their situation. The thing that touched me the most about this story was Hall's unflinching positive attitude throughout his ordeal. He placed no blame and spent no time asking "why me?" He simply accepted his situation and looked for the best in it......still hopeful that his current situation might not always remain this way. The whole story touched me deeply.....and yes....the tears flowed. It made me realize that my life is easy and I have absolutely no reason to complain about anything. If the Hall family can live through their ordeal and find nothing but positives in life.....then I am thinking the Elam family should easily be able to do the same.....because in the big scheme of things.....we have it good. To the Hall family.....thank you for sharing your story and may you get the miracle that I am sure is a constant request in your hearts.

Kiss and tell your husband, wife, son, daughter, mother and/or father that you love them before you leave today. It is a wonderful send off and who doesn't want to know they are loved throughout the day?

I think I will begin an overhaul today. Just where and how I am not sure....but stay could get interesting.

Children are the greatest loves a parent can have. They can also be the greatest frustration and infuriation (apparently another new word I came up with) causing us to lose our minds on a regular basis. Coming from anyone else....we would never tolerate such indignation's....but from them, we simply accept and move on.

Tequila is bad!!!!!!

Cat people bag on dogs constantly. Somehow they find a persnickety attitude pleasing and even brag about their cats attitude. Me....I prefer personality over attitude....any day of the week.

To all those in the South who experienced the damaging and in some cases fatal storms over the thoughts and prayers go out to you all.

I heard the other day that shoes are an extension of who a woman truly is. If that is the case....then I am truly cute, red and have great heel!

Parenthood is such a roller coaster ride. When they are very little....we can't wait for our kids to move forward....learn to walk, learn to talk and hit all the other growing milestones life has to offer. When they finally do learn..... sometimes we wish they hadn't learned so well. Then when they start getting older and needing us less....we want to hold on for dear life and keep them forever young. Finally the day comes when they leave home......we cry, we grieve but we ultimately move on. And THEN....they come back! This time they hold on to us for dear we push them back out the door kicking and screaming. It is at this point most parents realize.......that this ride isn't any fun anymore....and want off! Believe me....I'm there!

Your Photo Here.............(Day 26)

The Otts!

Have you ever had an old favorite....but you forgot it was a favorite until you came back to it? Stick with me here folks....I will explain! Years ago.....I used to eat Otts Fat Free Salad Dressing. Someone (have no idea who) had told me how great it was. I was skeptical because fat free anything (especially back then) was almost always..........nasty! Somehow though they got me to try it.....and I was hooked. For years Otts FF was my go to salad dressing. I loved it.

But then......I cheated! That's right....I stepped out one night with full fat Ranch....and that was the end of Otts. I guess he couldn't take the betrayal....or perhaps I just liked the deceptively delicious creamy flavor of Ranch. As in most torrid affairs though....Ranch done me wrong. Over the years he put some very unhealthy pounds on me. Granted....Ranch alone might not have been the culprit....he could have had help from his homies cheesecake and Hot Rod Burger.....but I am sure most of it was Ranch's fault.

So one day I was in the grocery store....and there sitting shyly on the shelf was my old love....Otts FF. At first it was a bit awkward between us. I started to reach for Ranch hoping that Otts wasn't watching. But he was...and I don't know whether it was his blue and red labeling or the way the fluorescent lighting caught his garlic and onion bits, but I knew at that moment.....Ranch and I were through. He had wrecked one too many weigh ins for me....and his creamy goodness was just no longer worth the points I had to give for him.

Gently I took Otts down from the shelf and caressed his blue cap in my hand. I had missed this dear fellow and I knew that this moment might be the start of something wonderful...for both of us. I couldn't wait to get him home and put him on my salad.

Since I am not one who pours and tells....I won't give you the sorted details. But let us just say....Otts ff and I are currently co-habitating and I am sure that this here to stay! And on that note....have a Happy Monday!

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Melissa said...

Thanks for the mention of Holy Week - I think I will take the week off from facebook. Oh sister - I hate Ranch - you almost lost me there! Puke! Otts now, we are great friends! :) HAPPY EASTER!