Saturday, April 30, 2011

Speed of Life

Oh why did I choose sleep over blogging this morning???? Drat! I have so much to do, but none of it can happen before the blog is done. Yes! has come to that in my life. Blogging comes first! Without my daily purge(nice word.....right?) just nothing else seems to go right.

So on inspections of my back yard fence in these gale force winds, I see that there are several boards which have completely split. I am worried that if these winds keep up at the rate they neighbors are going to have my fence in their yard. Kelly (Thiry)....if either of you read this, consider this a heads up. I might need a fence dr. here soon....hopefully before I need a fence EMT! It is simply not looking good.

In just a few minutes I will be taking Z to the high school so that the MHS mixed chorus can go perform at state. From that moment on....this day is literally going to take wings and fly. I am hoping that this old body can keep up. It is creaking today. I think the fact that the gym and I are taking a break from each other this weekend is a good thing. Especially for my poor knees. I so hate having old knees. Of course it's a matched set....old knees, old butt, old body. It ain't pretty.

Well my commentary on life today is....we can't control the speed of life. The best we can do is grab a moment while it is speeding by and give someone a hug or tell someone we love them. We can make at least one moment count in the course of our busy day. So go forth my friends and make your moments count. Hope you have a great Saturday.

I will end this with Cold Play Viva La Vida.....just because I like it!

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Thiry said...

Our fence is blowing away too...the wind is getting old...