Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tequila, Lemonade and Iris

 Let me just start this by saying....Tequila is NOT my friend! This is not news....and yet somehow  from time to time I seem to forget this fact. You know the song Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Of? Well Tequila has made my clothes fall off, made me fall down, made me run into things, made me start fights, made me drunk dial, made me say stupid stuff....and most of all....made me sick. So with all this history with Mr. Cuervo.....why would I think that giving Jose another chance was a good idea?

All that being said....last night was a lot of fun. I had a panic moment at work just before it was time to leave. I looked out the door and there was some kind of fluid running out from under my van. Great! I just knew this wasn't going to be good. So I called a friend who came to check it out. Everything looked fine under the hood, so he decided to get down underneath the van itself.....and low and behold....we found the culprit. Someone had thrown an entire 44oz drink under my car causing it to gush out everywhere. Whew! Thank goodness it was nothing else.

After wards I headed home  and then was picked up by Thiry and Berty. We went to the Mulvane Prom Walk-In before we went to RD's. I had never been to walk-in before and it was pretty awesome. The prom kids get to walk-in couple by couple as the vehicle they arrived in is valet parked for them. Berty's daughter Lindsay, who also happens to be Davids a senior this year and this was her final prom. We went to watch her, but it was great fun to see the other kids come in. I personally thought the only thing missing was music. Anyone out there reading my blog with any high school authority.....please consider music for the future walk-ins. That would be truly awesome! Lindsay looked stunning and Thiry and I mused over the fact that in two years we will each have a child doing the walk-in. Although we reside in different towns....hopefully the proms will fall on separate weekends so we can attend each others kids. The only dampering of the evening was that the warm day turned quickly into a chilly evening and what was appropriate dress early on, soon became way inappropriate as we all stood there and froze. By the time the walk in was over....Berty was chilled to the bone and decided to call it a night. Thiry and I though....being the ever valiant  troopers.....headed on to RD's!

The night was a lot of fun....and as I said before.....a much needed break. Thiry always makes a night out memorable, and there was also two girls from Thiry's OTA class and then Chris and her husband Allen and Allen's  brother. Big Fat Fun played their hearts out as usual and it was so much fun seeing crazy Mulvane people I hadn't seen in awhile. I found a new favorite drink...Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonade ! It was so yummy and I was so happy drinking it. Not often do I find alcohol that just makes me happy......but this stuff certainly did. And I was still happy when I did the Butter Shots (butterscotch schnapps). I avoided the jaggerbombs being hoisted at the end of the table...even though a certain someone was taunting me with them. know who you are! But the feel good feeling ended when I broke my own rule guessed it, did a shot of tequila.

Now as I said before....Mr. Cuervo and I go back a long way and have a rather sorted history....much of it of course....I don't remember. What I do remember though are horrid hangovers and extreme illness due to way too much of the JC. Let's not forget embarrassing behavior and forgotten moments that I am sure are better left that way. I also carry a scar from the liquid gold after walking out of a bar and tripping into a metal pole one night. It has been well over a decade since last JC and I met and I am thinking that was not near enough time for us to be parted. Last night though....briefly Jose and I reunited for one last shot. Immediately I knew what a bad idea it was. The taste, the smell and the burn going down brought back way too many unpleasant memories. Within minutes after drinking it, my head began to pound. I went for the water and began to guzzle hoping that would help. Gradually it became worse. I tried to ignore it as I went out to dance but after several dances I knew the only place I needed to be.....was home. And home I went.

As my head hit the pillow I sincerely feared what the night and the following day would have in store for me after my little unexpected tequila liaison. Amazingly.....I had the best sleep I have had in a really long time and when I woke up this morning....I felt absolutely fine. Still, I am way too old to drink like I did last night. After church and Walmart this body and my mind became nothing but a pile of mush. It is as if somebody pulled a plug on me. I would just lay here and drool.....if it didn't take so much energy to drool.

I don't care though.....I had a lot of fun and thanks to my old friends and some new ones too.....I got the fun night out that I have needed so badly. Thank you Chris and Allen for inviting me and thank everyone else there for keeping me so thoroughly entertained. We will have to do it again soon.....minus Jose Cuervo!

Your Photo Here.............(Day 25)

They Are Here!

Yep...finally the weather has decided to cooperate so that the spring flowers can start getting their bloom on. My iris are starting to open up in all their purple glory. What beauties they are. Iris just seem to add a touch of class to the garden this time of year.

The only bad thing about the blooming of these lovely's is that with the onset of their blooms comes the onset of other blooming things....things that sprout  pollen. So far both David and Z have been doing the pollen dance and Davids turned into  a sinus infection. I thought I might luck out.....especially since I have taken my Zyrtec faithfully. Apparently that was not to be the case....and all good things must come to an end.....and this includes my ability to stay allergy free. sneezing began. It comes in spurts and I will sneeze wildly for a half hour or so and then I get a reprieve, but then starts all over again. So far I have missed out on the congestion and stuffy nose.....but the sneezing is enough to drive me up a tree (one giving off lots of pollen I am sure!) I have my fingers crossed that it doesn't turn into I can't afford any down time.....nor do I want to give into the pesky floating allergy causers!

Still though.....the iris are beautiful and much like the Mikes Hard Cranberry Lemonade.....they make me happy. Here is hoping that what is left of your Sunday....makes you happy. Till tomorrow.........

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