Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday Antics, Government Shutdown, and (Bleep) on Your Neighbor! breathe. Today feels a little lighter. I am much less stressed. I think I am just letting go. least for the moment. WWIII ended with no real casualties, just a bruised ego or two and maybe a couple of lessons learned. Now onto our normally scheduled life.

I think I mentioned yesterday that David woke up having a seizure. He did the same thing again this morning. I called the neurologist yesterday and since the upped dosages of meds don't seem to be squelching these nasty little varmints,...the dr. ordered an EEG. In fact he wasted no time in getting it ordered. And long about 3:30 this afternoon....David will be sedated while strobe lights bounce above his head. It should be a good time had by all. Tomorrow then, we go back in to find out the results. From there....hopefully we can get on a regiment of meds that will be more effective in battling these things. I really don't want to have a repeat of last summer. That was simply no fun for any of us.

I was just reading yesterday that there is a pretty fair possibility that our federal government maybe shutting down due to their inability to decide on the budget. What is wrong with these people? Oh yeah....they are politicians elected by the people with absolutely no regard for the people. Perhaps if they cut their own salaries down to what the average American makes and then cut out all their own personal non-essential staff, maybe then the budget would need less cuts and would be far more doable. And how about we cut out all the vacations where the tax payers have to foot the bill (this goes for you too Mr. President). We might just start seeing a little more green and the taxpayers would see a little less red.  It is stuff like this that makes me have zero respect for anyone political. The business of actually working for the people to move America forward is no longer a reality. It has moved to the status of folklore that men (and women) ever existed that had the greater good of the people and this country in mind as they held office. If this sounds like I am politically discouraged.....then you are right. I am discouraged to the point of sickness that those who hold the fate of our country in their hands are driven by greed and power....not by the Constitution. I am to the point where I believe there should only be one political party and they should be called The Underhanded, Free Spending, Constitution Destroying Crooks! I believe all parties currently....would fit neatly under that umbrella. Again....if I sound discouraged it is because I am. I rarely speak about politics anymore...but when I see atrocities such as our fed. government on the verge of shutting down, it is pretty hard to silence myself. Perhaps we should all say a prayer that our elected officials can get their acts together before the deadline and come up with a budget, before they end up tanking our economy even further. Amen!

So in Lisaland today....the forecast is warm and sunny with a chance of seizures. Hopefully though amongst the seizures there will be a smile or two and a little bit of productivity. The good news is Thursday and I have almost made it through the week. Come about 5 p.m. Friday....I am truly going to be doing the happy dance. So if you happen to be driving down the road and see me will know the reason why. I MADE IT THROUGH THE WEEK!

Your Photo Here.............(Day 17)

Sh!t On Your Neighbor!

I chose today's photo because it makes me smile. No....actually it makes me laugh. It takes me to a place with good friends and good fun.

This was last year at Old Settlers out at my friend Chris's house. Thanks to her husband Allen....there was lots of alcohol that night and we played the game called Sh!t on Your Neighbor. I had never played before but it was so much fun.

In case you are wondering about the picture......Allen cheats and no one wants to sit by Allen. Okay....maybe cheats is a strong word, but if you ever played this game with know something just ain't right. Marni had just gotten the honor of sitting next to him and Allen was working his card magic.

We spent more time that night laughing than actually playing cards. It was the best and every time I see these pictures or theses takes me to a really happy place.

Here's to hoping that you can find your happy place on this wonderful Thursday!

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