Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tired Tuesday

Morning and I are not on good terms. It continues to greet me daily.....and I welcome it....kicking and screaming. It is a love/hate relationship....without the love! What is going on with me and morning, I am not sure. I used to jump up with a fair amount of ease, but now I am sleeping through alarms and falling back to sleep. My internal clock got messed up somewhere along the line and I want it fixed.

Yep....yesterday was interesting. It reminded me of when I was young and could get the world ticked off at me....simply because I was head strong, opinionated and a bit of a pain. Yeah....I know you are wondering...what has changed?  While still being head strong and opinionated....I have tried to real it in about 500%. The being a pain part is simply in my DNA and will never change. You all are just stuck with that. At any rate....I can honestly say....I can find very little of yesterday to own or take responsibility for.

The first person who is ticked off at me has stayed perpetually mad at me for well into 4 decades.  Perhaps all the times I tripped him, teased him, and hid his toys are catching up with me or maybe he just lives for the drama. Not sure the reasons why, just wishing the pettiness would stop. I have no time for pettiness (unless of course it's mine and then it would not be petty but justified)  especially when I am not even sure what we are being petty about. If you want me to play the game....you have to give me the rules. Again....I just need to get over it, but I am currently not doing a good job of it.

Second person I seemed to have ticked off is a lady in the school office.  Now in all fairness, most of the office crew are just fine, but one in particular can barely speak to me without a condescending tone (intentional or not....I am not sure) whether it is on the phone or in person. From what I  understand from Z, her attitude towards him is even worse. Not sure what is going on here or why she has pinpointed my family as her punching bag of condensation. And who knows....maybe it isn't just us....maybe she is like this to everyone, but if that is the case....then perhaps her days would be better spent lounging on a beach somewhere instead of dealing with kids and their parents everyday. I mean for goodness sake, I gave them cheesecake for Christmas. Who can have a bad attitude when someone gives you cheesecake? At any rate she exudes an attitude of judgment and appears to think that her opinion of Z's life and in conjunction my life, are her right to judge and give attitude about. Yesterday took the cake though. I called Z in sick and asked that one of Z's friends pick up his homework (a standard practice which is expected and which I have politely been reprimanded for not doing in the past if I happened to forget). When Z's friend went to pick up the homework last night....she was told that they had not even attempted to get Z's homework......they forgot. Z's friend asked if there was still time to get it.....and was told the lady was just too busy! Now from most people on most days, I would let this slide. After all, we all get busy and forget things. But this woman has ridden my family like rodeo stock since the beginning of the school year....perhaps it is time I saddled her for once. So her anger (or whatever her issue is) has become my anger at her.....and I have a feeling this could get ugly. Suffice it to say, the administration will be hearing from me!

Finally.....my kid. I am to the point of barring my front door or putting a pay mechanism on my washing machine. I have no problems with someone (my older son) using my washing machine to wash clothes because he can't afford the laundry mat, but I do have issue with him walking in and stopping my clothes which are mid cycle, removing them so he can put his in and then just leaving mine in a basket for me to find. When I mentioned this though....I was told that all I do is complain! Yes dear.....wet clothes in the middle of my laundry room do tend to cause me to complain. And then I proceeded to further anger him by telling Z that I did not want his brother using his new car. Z promptly told him and said brother had his feelings hurt. Come on people....brother is currently 0 for 3 on cars. This car has to get Z through school, plus.....it truly is not personal.....Z knows other than myself, NO ONE else can drive his car. But once again.....I angered someone, and paid for it through text until 11 last night. No wonder I am tired!

So really....am I responsible for all of this?  Do I deserve the fallout from all of this anger? Probably! But it is so much easier thinking of myself as pristine and blameless.

Did I mention that I am tired?

Your photo here....(Day 15)

Orange Roses

Yesterday was an awesome day at work. Have I mentioned what a great boss I have lately? We just underwent a major remodel at work and in the midst of the remodel, he cracked a vertebrae in his back. This is when my little co-worker stepped up to the plate and hit a home run. She helped with the remodel finish along with the wiring and all the 50 million other details that needed to be done with all that was going on. She also stepped up and helped me to keep customers happy and informed what was going on while we were trying to get through the remodel and the injury.

My boss was so appreciative of her efforts, especially coming from someone so young. It is very safe to say....had she not stepped up, we would not have gotten through the transition with the ease we did and he knew this. So this is what she saw on her desk when she came to work yesterday! These were all her favorite flowers rolled into the most beautiful bouquets. It was a thoughtful and beautiful surprise.

I then had to leave to take the boys to the dr. When I came back....this is what was on my desk. These beautiful orange roses....which were just beautiful. Why? My part in the remodel was minimal as I had vacation that week and other than doing my normal job....I certainly did nothing special. When I asked why? I was told....just because! And they were my favorites too. I am a sucker for either orange or yellow roses....and there they were. It truly made my day!

Yes....yesterday was certainly a thoughtful and beautiful day at work! Happy Tuesday!

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