Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yeah....Last Night Was a Good One

Have you ever had one of those nights, where the minute your head and pillow meet you are out..... and within what seems like seconds.....your alarm is going off? I literally feel as if my entire night was a mere second or two long. Ouch! I am pretty sure I needed more than a seconds worth of sleep last night. Okay....reality says I got nearly 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep, but I feel as if it were not nearly that long....and yet here I sit....droning away on Little Green ready to start the day.

I must say that I am a little giddy that it is Thursday, yet I am not sure why. I am working this that is automatically going to cut my weekend short. Doesn't matter though, I am going out Sat. night and as long as I know there is some form of weekend ahead....and some playtime's all good! One of my favorite local bands Big Fat Fun is playing at Rd's County Line this weekend and I plan on going and having some real fun Saturday night. Yay me! Of course last time I went's almost happened. Wonder what kind of trouble I can get into this time? Hmmmmm!

Last night was an interesting night. Z and I spent hours (no....literally hours) talking. He was suppose to have religious education classes last night (he is preparing to be confirmed) but just before he was too walk out the door to go, right in the midst of me making cheesecakes....he got sick. Don't know whether it was too hot in the house or it was just his stomach but I had to send his ride on because he was feeling crummy. At any rate, after I finished the cheesecakes....Z started asking questions about God and religion. It was things he thinks about, beliefs that he himself is starting to develop and how he feels about a lot of things. We talked about his dad and his dads faith. We talked about the miracle that David is and always has been since the second he took his first breath, and finally we just talked about faith! It was an amazing conversation in the fact that because Z didn't feel well, he was content to sit and talk and listen and stay focused. It was even more amazing because I think we both learned a great deal from the conversation....especially about each other.

As I said....some of our talk was about Tim and his amazing faith. I of course never have Tim far from my mind, but unless I am sitting just dwelling on him, sometimes my mind fuzzes over about things. Last night while talking about David and his NICU (neo natal intensive care unit) stay when he was born, it took me back to how strong Tim was during that time. He took faith and ran with it.....especially at a time when my faith was ebbing. He let me know that I need not worry....he had enough for the both of us. I know the only reason David is here with us today is Tim's unbelievable faith and a complete and total flooding of heaven with prayer. And amidst all the conversation I also remembered what an unbelievably kind heart this man had. Tim was a recovering alcoholic which was an on-going hard fought battle for him. He knew the pain and heart ache involved with getting sober. So he always was there for those who were fighting a similar battle and needed help. Our door was always open to them. Many was the night we had over night guests fighting their addiction, taking it minute by minute and looking to Tim to help them make it through the night, the next hour, the next minute and sometimes the next second. He was always there.

After Tim died, for months I found myself stunned. I always knew that I had picked a wonderful man in Tim, but I don't think I ever realized just how truly amazing he was. People that Tim knew would call me, write me or just come up to me in the store offering me yet again their condolences and share with me their Tim stories. Many I had never heard. It seems that Tim was always quietly helping others. He helped one lady get everything in order so that she could start a business. He spent hours helping a guy at work who was about to lose everything, keep it together and move forward. He kept some from taking that first....last drink and helped one guy who was on the verge of using again. He helped several who had lost jobs.....find new ones and everywhere I turned I heard people say.....and mean......Tim was the best friend a person could ever have! These were all wow moments for me having these people search me out to thank me for what my wonderful husband had done for them. Some of the incidents I knew about....but just as often.....they were situations that Tim just swooped in quietly and helped out....never saying a word to anyone. That was just the kind of man he was.....and I was so proud to share some of these stories with Z last night. Yeah....last night was a good one.

Well much lies ahead to finish out the week. I have work and working out, a Friday night were my house if filled with teenage boys again  and in, cheesecake making.....and maybe a project completion or two. All in should be a good way to end the week. enough about me (as if that is even possible). It is time to get up and get going. I must leave my comfy recliner and start the day.

Your Photo Here.............(Day 23)


I always tell better read my blog, cause you just never know when you are going to be in it. Such is the case today. Poor unsuspecting Marni. 

Today's picture is of the person who is the only reason LisaMarie's (my old salon) functioned on any kind of a professional or organized level. She was also LisaMarie's fashion sense (cause goodness knows I had none) and she was the one who kept me in line and often times....on my toes.

I had known Marni since high school and while we ran with crowds that often times ran together....we really didn't know each other that well. After high school she married her high school sweetheart (whom she is still married to and is currently co-grandparenting with) and started a family. I went on to do whatever it was that I did....and we would not meet up again until she came into LisaMarie's one day and told me I needed her. Boy was that ever the understatement of the year. Marni then worked her magic and made LisaMarie's both beautiful and functional. She was and still is amazing.

After LisaMarie's closed.....again Marni and I went separate ways. She and her family moved to TX and I.....again..... did whatever it is I do!. Thanks to the glory of facebook.....I found her again. And thanks to another friend Chris....and her annual bbq's I get to see Marni semi regularly. We talk at some point....almost daily, even if it is just a quick fb remark, but I know that if the chips were down and I really needed her.....she would do her best to break all land speed records to get to me. That is just the kind of woman she is.

Few are as blessed as I, to have such a person in their lives....and I will always of the best days ever....was the day Marni walked into LisaMarie's!

Thanks for reading and may your Thursday be better than Wed. but not near as great as Friday!

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