Friday, May 6, 2011

Grrrrr and the Little Voice

Do you ever just wake up mad? I mean mad to the point of just growling at everything in your path? That is how I feel  today. I am just ready to growl and then crawl back in bed until tomorrow. I have no idea why.....I just know that today may not be a good day....for anyone in my path. 

I am feeling pretty negative about everything if I have a bone to pick with everyone. Truth be told, there are actually a few out there that do in fact deserve my wrath and who are going to have to deal with me today. The rest of the world? Well let me apologize in advance for any run ins that you have to have with me. I am fairly sure it won't be pretty for either of us and I may not come out looking very good in the process.

There is a HUGE piece of me right now that is looking for any reason NOT to have to go to the gym today. Sitting here typing....a million and one excuses are flashing through my mind about why I really don't need to face the elliptical today. Everything from sore knees to I could go to work early and! negative as I feel, I do know that if I go to the gym and fight through the least for a little while.......I will feel better. I will have pushed myself and I will have accomplished something. And goodness knows that today.....I need to feel better. I will go workout, but I have no doubt that between now and then, the little devil sitting on my shoulder will do everything in his power to talk me out of it. Someone should really tell the little pointy tailed dude that in the mood I am in today.....he probably shouldn't be messing with me.

Well....I think it is safe to officially say that spring is here. You can feel it in the air and see it in the kids. They are all restless and anxious and ready but not ready for summer vacation. I remember as a kid, being so excited for summer to get here but at the same time actually mourning the end of the school year a bit. During school you have a scheduled routine which helps to make your life make sense. You know where you are suppose to be, when you are suppose to be there and who you are suppose to be there with for at least 8-10 hours of your day. The day that last school bell rings for the year.....all of that routine and sense is out the window. You don't get to see the same people on a daily basis anymore and in high school, some of the faces that you have grown accustomed to, you will not ever see again in the school setting.

In the midst of waiting for school to be out, there is also a certain amount of stress/tension in the air. The "end" is coming. There are still finals to take. The days are luxuriously longer making it tremendously difficult to come in at night, get to sleep at a decent hour or concentrate on anything that doesn't include the opposite sex, the outdoors or sleeping until noon. It is a crazy time of year and my teenager is driving me crazy with all of these emotions.....causing me to have a few pent up emotions of my own. Even David is feeling the effects of spring and the end of the school year. His attitude is reflecting the change he senses is upon him. Hopefully though....this summer in no way resembles last summer and both the boys and I have an absolutely awesome time.

Well, I have rambled on about pretty much.....nothing in today's blog, and now it is time to do something productive. (Yeah! Good luck with that!) My inner voice is still screaming that it wants to go back to bed or to Walmart or pretty much anywhere else that doesn't require gym attire and me to do an hour on an elliptical, but luckily I have the ability to choke the life out of that little voice and move on.....which is just what I intend to do!

So being that today's mood is so iffy at best, I felt it required an extra special video. Today I leave you with a video of the song......that Rick Springfield was singing when he sweated on me. He is just too hot for words in this video but back up girls......he is mine.....oh....and his wifes! Here is Love Somebody!

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