Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quick Reactions and Lynyrd Skynyrd

I think the only thing that will be long about this month.....was last night! I had to break down and turn on the air (it was 90 degrees in the house) and even with the air on....it was still fairly warm. I tossed and I turned all night. I woke up at least four times and today I am tired. Still and all, I much prefer this weather over cloudy, chilly and dreary. Of course.....unless it was a constant 75 degrees during the day and about 55 at night with only a breeze (no gale force winds)....I will always find fault with the weather.

I found a cool new (new to me) thing for my blog. You know I am always about what people think of my blogs, but lets face it....not everyone wants to write a three page comment at the bottom of the page....so I found these "quick reactions" that I have now attached to each blog. Rather than have to actually comment you can just check a quick reaction box. Don't get me wrong....I still want your comments, emails and messages if you so choose to give them......but if not, you now have a quick alternative. As I said...they are new to me. I have seen other bloggers using these for awhile and when I read their blogs I always try to check a quick reaction box as it is always nice to know that people were actually there and had even a quick opinion of your blog. It simply took me until last night to figure out how to add them to my blog. You know.....the whole technically challenged thing and all! So anyway.....I look forward to seeing what you think....and as always....be kind....I have a fragile ego.....NOT!

Yesterday didn't turn out too bad. I accomplished all the phone calls and bill paying that I needed to, but the pool did not get opened. And of all days.....yesterday would have been perfect. The guy who does it got held up, but I was assured he would be out today. I sure hope so as that is where I plan to spend all my evenings and weekends from now until late September. In fact I plan to get more use out of that pool this year than we have in the 30+ years we have had it. There may even be a few bbq/pool parties this summer. You just never can tell!

Well....today will be another busy one filled with all the fun and craziness that is my life. There is actually a whole lot more crazy than there is fun, but oh well. I have Davids IEP and drs. appts., cheesecakes and of course.....work! I am really not sure how I actually find time for work, but I am thinking my boss is happy that I do! And if I play my cards right and the pool guy comes.....there may even be pool time later on. That may just push fun way ahead of crazy today!

Today I am going to end this blog with a song of nostalgia for me. I have always loved Lynyrd Skynyrd and that love has never changed. As a kid summer would not be summer without going to a party, sitting on a tailgate, or laying by the pool and listening to Sweet Home Alabama. So today....I leave you with the great Lynyrd Skynyrd and a song to get your summer started!

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Becca Rowden said...

I am going to see Lynrd Skynrd thursday night!!!!And ZZ Top!!!