Monday, May 2, 2011

Thanking Soldiers.....and Welcome to Monday

I would like to begin today's blog by thanking our military. They do so much and honestly....get so little in return for keeping us safe and making sure that our freedom stays in tact. Last was proclaimed loud and clear that Osama Bin Laden had been killed and that his body was in American hands. Much of the media talk was about credit. Was it the Bush Administration who deserved the credit or the Obama Administration? Possibly it was a joint effort? Wrong on all accounts. Neither administration should take the credit. The credit belongs soley to our military. If not for them.... Bin Laden would still be at large.

Although many throughout the world are rejoicing that this terrorist of mass proportions is dead, I have to wonder what this means. Is the world suddenly a safer place with his demise or are there many others out there just waiting to take his place and come after us with a vengeance? Granted...we cannot fear retaliation when doing what is right....but even being right has it's pitfalls and I do fear that we have not heard the last from Al qaeda. I hope with all my heart that our current administration pulls national security in tightly and keeps their eyes and ears open for some time to come. Perhaps though....maybe this is the beginning of the end for this particular terrorist regime. Maybe the infrastructure will start to crumble with the taking of this leader. This nation can only hope. All I know for sure is....he is dead and we have the brave men and women of our military to thank. Thank you one and all!

And now....on to our regularly scheduled Monday.   
Welcome to a new week! And so it begins! I was right Friday when I said I thought the weekend would fly by. It record time. I started cleaning Friday night. I cleaned all day Saturday (at least the part that I wasn't out running) and from the time I got home from church Sunday (after blogging of course), until almost bedtime last night. I am not doing the kiss and promise type cleaning either....I am doing the full on move every piece of furniture, take down every curtain kind. I will NOT leave for MO or any place else and know that I am coming home to a dirty house. I wouldn't enjoy one second of my trip knowing that dust bunnies would be greeting me on my arrival home.

I think I might have mentioned a time or two about how much I hate to clean....and the only thing I hate worse is a dirty house. Crazy....right? A dirty house just drives me to the brink of insanity....causing me in drive everyone else there. I have been trying to justify hiring someone to come in and clean for me, but I just haven't quite made it there yet. I have several that have said they would do it, but the financial justification hasn't quite hit my complete and total frustration yet. I am sure however....that soon....very soon, the two will meet head on.

Aside from cleaning this weekend, there were other things going on. Z had his Esprit tryouts Friday night and he will know tonight whether he made it or not. Saturday he had state choir competition where they came out with a 1 (the highest score you can get). Z was so excited. Tonight is Catapalooza. It is the high school spring concert. Z has a special act where he does a solo. He is doing The Mortician's Daughter by Black Veil Brides. It is actually a beautiful song and he is being backed up by two really talented kids. I plan on recording it and if my camera skills are good enough...I might just share. Of and I are seldom we will have to see what happens. Oh.... and did I mention......I am over half way to being a REAL blogger. LOL I have over 5000 blog views. Take that Miss Blog Snob! Now if I can just get to 1000 postings! snicker

We are now officially in the last month of school. WOW! It seems like school just started and then we jumped to it is May! If I thought time zoomed by up until now....I best be holding onto my hat because things are really taking off from here. Between the tons of cheesecakes I am doing (graduation, communion and confirmation....with a bridal shower thrown in for good measure), we also have a couple of graduations to go to, finals, the spring play, David's IEP, and getting this trip planned for MO. Throw into all of this finishing up cleaning my house, getting my yard in shape....oh.....and work and I may just have to cut out sleeping until June. I am thinking that is the only way to fit it all into the limited time I have. It makes me tired just thinking about it! Sigh!

Today is suppose to be cloudy and chilly. Maybe not as bad as yesterday....but still not very springy. I know I should quit weather complaining.....because before long it is going to be a 100 degrees with 80% humidity and that isn't going to make me happy either. I am just tired of the drearies. And when we don't have the drearies....then we have 60 mph winds which continue to threaten my fence, my potted plants and all the branches in my already precariously old trees. Of course....this is typical KS weather and being that I have lived in KS the better part of my life.....I probably should be pretty familiar with the hit and miss weather patterns of the state. Still....a few high 70 degree days with only a light breeze and abundant sunshine would be glorious and a great boost to my sagging emotional status. Ahhhh well!

It didn't take much thought when it came to today's video. Number one.....I am a huge Trace Adkins fan....and let's just say he isn't too bad to look at either. I guess you know you have made it as a star when you get to star in a video with the Muppets. This video makes me laugh every time I see it. So have a wonderful Monday as I leave you with Trace Adkins and Brown Chicken Brown Cow!

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