Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm (blank) Because......

I found this on one of my favorite blogs Busy Little Lady Bugs. I just love it and thought I would do it myself. So here goes:

I am Weird Because......
I like salt and sweet and take it to the extremes (i.e. french fries and ice cream, strawberry jelly and pizza)
I have too vivid of an imagination
I prefer breakfast for dinner
I have a love/hate relationship with Reality TV
I think my best feature is my feet
I love a clean and orderly house but hate to clean and organize

I am a Bad Friend Because.....

I am horrible about returning calls
I am pretty bad about texting too
I go into recluse mode and block out the world (friends and all)
I am either hyper needy or no maintenance and have no in between
Sometimes I stick both feet in my mouth at once
Often I speak my mind too fully instead of just listening and agreeing
I have a low threshold for BS which can make being friends a bit dicey at times

I am a Good Friend Because.....
I do listen
I try to be there when someone truly needs me
I will pray for anyone...anytime....for any reason
My heart is usually in the right place even if my actions sometimes say otherwise
I will have your back
I choose my friends wisely therefore my friendships last decades
I have good friends

I am Sad Because.....
I worry too much
I have a sick child at home today
I am very lonely at times
We are going into a mud slinging election year
I don't have my mom to turn to
My dad will never see me as anything but a failure

I am Happy Because.....
I have wonderful kids and step kids
I get to hear Z sing everyday
I get to hear David laugh
I have a job in this horrid economy (and it is not in aircraft)
I have the ability to make someone smile everyday.
Spring will be here in about 3 months
I have awesome friends (even though they take unflattering pictures)
I can write and blog and express myself

And finally......

I Did this Because.........
I can
I know you were dying to know more about moi!

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