Thursday, January 19, 2012

I am a Gleek!

Have I mentioned that I hate the cold? I know! I know! Only about a million times. Honestly....I should not be complaining since up until now we have actually had a very mild winter but I am complaining because I really hate to be cold. You know it is cold when I allow my dogs to sleep on my bed at night just to keep my feet warm. I usually never let the dogs sleep on my bed. Last night though...I had a canine foot warmer. I know that says something sad about me...but I prefer not to dwell on that.

So I guess the media that was forced on me the other day kind of stuck. I actually caught myself surfing the news channels last night for headlines. BAD LISA! BAD! I know I should keep up better but seriously...until they can start balancing all the bad in the world with a little of the good then why should I watch the news everyday just to get my soul crushed? Toss in a story about a kid who did something right, a woman who survived breast cancer or a cute animal anecdote every once in awhile and I might be more inclined to tear myself away from Snooki's latest antics and find out what is actually going on in the world around me. Until then....I shall carry on my torrid love/hate relationship with reality TV. Sorry folks...that's just who I am!

Speaking of TV I heard a conversation the other day between two individuals about the show Glee! Both admitted that they had never watched the show but where discussing what they had heard about it. Okay....discussing wasn't quite the word. Bashing is probably a better adjective for what they were doing. They were talking about what a horrible influence a show like that would be on our youth. It after all has gay students, it talks about drugs and alcohol and it has sexual situations. The final statement that I heard before walking off and yes....rolling my eyes a bit was....."How could any decent parent allow their child to watch such trash?" Hmmmm Okay....I have to say REALLY?

What they described was not just a TV is what goes on in any high school in America right now. If these women feel this strongly then how could they possibly send their kids not just to public school....but any school? I guarantee you walk into just about any high school in any town and you will find gay kids. They might be closeted, but you can bet there is at least one. And you know because it is high school.....some or many kids are trying to ease the pain of a crappy home life, being bullied or being gay and not being able to come out by self medicating with drugs and alcohol. Also the teen high school years are just chock full of raging hormones. Maybe not all but at least some of those kids are having sex. Chances are there are even teen pregnancies. High school is life and life gets messy sometimes, so as an adult who has watched Glee multiple times I would say the show is pretty darn realistic. What these ladies didn't understand about this show (because they admittedly have never watched it) is that there is a much bigger message that this show is putting out. The message is okay to be different. It is okay to be yourself....and if you enjoy something even if others don't think it is cool....go for it. That is the message that hits home with kids!!! It is also making people more aware of just how bad the bullying is in schools. They have shown everything from kids getting slushies thrown in their face because they are Glee kids to getting threatened because they are gay. This is a very prevalent and very important message. It is also opening dialog between kids and parents as parents don't always see or understand what goes on in today's high schools. There are also underlying messages such as a girl who chose adoption over abortion, that being gay is not a choice and often that bullies bully because they are so unhappy themselves. In my humble opinion (and I am pretty conservative) the Glee writers are pretty responsible and careful when handling these story lines. The added bonus to Glee though is the music and the talent. The voices they showcase are amazing and the songs range from crooner classics to Top 40! Maybe Glee is not everyone's cup of tea and far be it from me to tell another parent what they should or should not let your kids watch. All I am saying is don't judge until you have watched it. Who too might become a Gleek! I know I am!

Okay, so the opinionated Lisa is back. Obviously the blogging Lisa is back too. We all knew that the silent Lisa couldn't last long. I have way too big a mouth and way too many opinions to stay permanently dormant. Guess it is time to get back to work. Here is hoping that you stay warm and cozy and that you don't need a dog as a foot warmer!

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Marni said...

Hey!! I'm a Gleek too!! Love the show and how you explained it totally fits the show!! I just say..."to each their own"
And man I keep forgetting its winter in other parts of this country. We are sitting at 68 right now and will be in the upper 70s this weekend. I know at some point we will get some winter too.....but sure enjoying this amazing weather that's allowing me to still wear shorts , tshirt and flip flops!! N