Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Do You Wear Underwear?

Do you wear underwear? Weird question huh?! I ask this because I had an interesting conversation with a complete stranger.....which crossed right into "too much information" very quickly. It happened the other day when I was waiting to try on a shirt at Walmart. This woman....clearly almost my age, had a stack of clothes to try on and there were only two dressing rooms (both being occupied). The woman in front of me kept eyeing her clothes (mostly jeans, pants and workout pants) and finally she turned to me and said..."it is a good thing I go commando or I would have panty lines out the a$$." What do you say to that? "Me too!" or "Too much information lady!" I think I just looked at her willing myself to be anywhere but in that dressing room area next to her....at that moment!

Obviously not being satisfied with this being a one person conversation...she looked at me and said, "Do you wear underwear?" REALLY? You ask a complete stranger this? Apparently in the badly lit dressing room of Walmart....this is acceptable conversation. I then said...."Ummmm...YEAH!" She then looked amazed and bewildered and said...."then what do you do about panty lines?" My urge was to shoot back...."I don't wear my pants so tight that I have to worry about them." But instead I took the passive aggressive way out and just shrugged. I was still frantically trying to find my mental happy place and it certainly wasn't here.

Still trying to keep this excruciating conversation going....she continued on. "I know some people find it gross not to wear underwear, but I find going commando freeing. I don't feel so confined in my clothes. I don't have panty lines and undressing is a breeze." Again....REALLY? Why do I need to know this? And what's more....why did she feel the need to tell me all of this? Was this just her idea of polite conversation? I looked down at the shirt I was waiting to try on and was really thinking this shirt was not worth this experience. The look on my face must have said it all as the lady began to turn red and started to say something that sounded a bit like an apology but was cut short when one of the dressing rooms became available.

As she walked in the stall and shut the door, I looked around in a moment of relief when I realized that the lady behind the help desk was watching me. She burst out laughing and I just rolled my eyes and I am sure turned red. I wasn't sure if her laugh was marking me a prude for my discomfort or whether she had been just as uncomfortable as I was and this was her way of releasing the tension. All I knew is that I was praying that the other room became available before Commando Girl came back out.

I stood there thinking about our/her conversation and couldn't help but think about the subject matter. I do in fact know people (men and women) who go commando on a daily basis. I know people who haven't worn underwear for many years in fact. Why I know this....I am not sure. I guess this has come up in "personal" conversation between friends, but never before today with a complete stranger in a public setting.

Commando! What a weird concept. I know men do it a lot. I am not sure why. You would think they have a lot to protect down there and an extra layer between a zipper might come in handy. Women though....I just never got that. I understand the whole panty line thing. Back in the day to avoid such things....we wore panty hose. No panty line and yet you weren't completely bare. Now a days though...I don't think anyone wears panty hose anymore. But how does commando work when you wear dresses? Especially how does it work when you wear dresses in Kansas on a windy day? I personally am not a fan of flashing the world or being flashed. Also...there is a comfort factor. I don't see going commando as being particularly comfortable. Okay....I admit that I have done it a time or two over the years (when all my underwear were in the laundry) and I was not a fan. I have always been an underwear girl. To me....underwear/panties are girly and pretty and dare I say.....sexy. It leaves something to the imagination and yet it can make you feel extremely feminine. Commando...not so much.

So finally it was my turn. I went in broke speed records trying on the shirt (wanted to be in and out before Commando Girl) only to find out that this particular shirt while cute on the hanger was not for me. As suspected earlier...this shirt was not worth this experience. I carefully snuck out of the room and handed the help desk lady the shirt. She smirked and I left....but not before deciding that maybe next time I plan on looking at shirts....I will just go to Target!


Anonymous said...

That is really nasty that the help desk lady let her try those clothes on after she openly admitted her underwear status. I too would avoid that Walmart like the plague!

Cmom said...

Exactly why I won't be buying any clothes from there ever again!

Norm said...

Avoiding any clothing store will not protect you from the fact that commando girl or her sisters in skin have not previously tried on your selection. They'll shop at any store you'll shop at. They don't limit themselves to Walmart any more than anyone else. I've seen stores that have a policy posted about just this thing but I don't have a clue how they could enforce it.